Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long Weekend...much needed

Happy Saturday morning, Gaggle. Can everyone say...aaahh? I vote for a long weekend every month, can I get an Amen? Has it only been 3 weeks since school started? Isn't it odd that a whole summer can disappear as if it never happened? Or is that just me? There is no history of Alzheimers in our family, but there has been alot of just plain crazy. Maybe I've got it?
I hope everyone has a terrific weekend going on! Steve is camping w/Stephen, Shawn and their kids are in Michigan visiting her sis, Trent and Nina are vacationing in Ky., and Courtney and I went to B-ton's 4th Street Festival yesterday. Where so many people get all their creativity is beyond me. Walking from booth to booth, seeing all that amazing talent humbles me. Nowhere in my flesh and bones hides an ounce of artistic ability. I can't even conjure up an idea of this stuff, much less execute it. Wonderful works. I bought a sweet journal for one of my students; she's all into recycling and is a very good writer, so I chose a journal covered in a patchwork of recycled fabrics. It even has cutout letters "Recycled" on it. I also picked up a beautifully simple vase for flowers. Low and squatty, it is unglazed in the colors of the ocean. I love it. Like I need more stuff in our house. I could and should have a shopping day, open my doors to the public and let them buy from the shelves, tabletops and walls. I have always been a collector, though in this house I've left most things in storage boxes in the basement. This older woman can't breathe in cluttered spaces. Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular, I'm sure I have at least one of anything! I'd love to share.
Everyone's kids settled into the routine of school and work? What great kids!!! Bright, bubbly, creative imaginations, I could just see their minds working that day at Janelle's. The Gaggle sure has a beautiful crop of goslings, Ladies. Wish we would start posting pix on here. I must have someone teach me how. Other blogs have such beautiful music and lovely pictures, it inspires and frustrates me that all I have done is print and post. Again, that pesky no talent problem. Well I'll keep trying, in the meantime, you are all techno wizards and can show us bits and pieces of your lives.
I have to go into work today; I have 2 grant applications to finish by Tuesday. I've given up SADD, but promised to help with the AfterProm fundraising, so am applying for funds from our Community Foundation. I've taken on more and more admin duties this year, our principal is on his way out and would rather I just do it and not ask his OK. No one else seems to care, so we have made several changes in middle school and are focusing on real middle school issues, not corporation designs. It is working so far. I'm not crazy about the state's idea for 6th grade career and diploma track guidance. I wish 11 and 12 year olds could be kids and fine tune their basic education skills, not be overwhelmed with these decisions so early. We have a 9 week rotation of careers in the 8th grade as well as the mandated freshman careers class. I just don't see what advantage the new plans give the kids. Again, so many do not have the basics they will need to graduate, much less the concept of a career. Oh, well, your man Mitch rocks on.
Jill, a tattoo? Where? What? OMG, you are a wild woman for sure. I think buying a red coat is too wild for me or coloring my hair; I'd be struck by lightening for a tatto, I'm sure. Go girl, for all the fainthearted among us!!!
Anna, settled in? Love life on? I miss our talk sessions and I never watch the Iron Chef, since you and Kirstie aren't with me. You girls made that such a nice time in my life. Thanks for letting me be part of it. Even though I may never be a REAL school counselor, I wouldn't trade my grad school experience for all that time back. My Gaggle is Great. Everyone enjoy the rest of the weeken. Love


Hedy King said...

Just had to call attention to the PIX. I did it all by myself.Now your turn.

Elaine said...

Hello to all. I am in Ohio visiting my sister. Her baby shower was yesterday. Looking forward to my new nephew...the end of September or early October.

I have been thinking of each of you a lot, especially Alan and Elena's families.

My kiddos schedules' are controlling our lives...the older two are in soccer, Jacob is also in football and Lizzie in dance...I am a CRAZY woman for allowing such participation!!! Poor Annie, she is on my hip for all of it (practices and games). We are starting to get in a groove, but I-STEP+ mania is around the corner for me and many of you.

I miss you all terribly. I saw Al on Thursday and it was nice to catch up. I pray all is well with everyone.

Kirstie said...

I hope this comment finds everyone doing well. Since I have vowed not to mess with ISTART IEP stuff this week, I am having a much better week... actually working with students, doing lessons...
Anna and I were able to meet for dinner last night and then go watch some 7th grade football. Yep, my husband and Anna's significant other coach together. It was nice to have someone to sit with and not be the random woman in the middle of all the parents.
Big Weekend... My sister Kelly is getting married!! She and her soon to be husband were our best man and maid of honor. They are getting married in a small family ceremony on Friday and then having the reception Saturday. Pat is very excited to have his best friend become his "brother" officially.

Angela said...

Good evening gaggle! It is Wednesday - 8 PM and I am just getting home from my second trip to school today. My OCD got the best of me - I was sure I forgot to lock the permanent records file cabinet - so I had to drive back in to double check. Of course it was locked, but I would never have slept. I am sure that I will be nominated for worst counselor of the year this year - between being short an administrator and 40 new students, I am officially ready to jump off of the next bridge I drive over. It seems like the logical thing to do since I can no longer tread water!

We have a new student who spent last year in Mexico. He is staying with an aunt and his cousins who are also at the middle school. When I asked what grade, he said 6th, his cousin said 6th, his aunt and grandmother also said 6th, so I put him in 6th. I read through his records - in Spanish no doubt, commented about his grades and teacher comments - but did not bother to see whether or not he was really supposed to be in 6th grade. In my hurry to register the five other new students that all came in at the same time, I entered him and filed him away. Can you guess where this is going????? He is supposed TO BE IN 5TH GRADE - and I am officially a moron!!! How did we figure it out? Well, he can not multiply or divide so we pulled his records to look at his previous scores and discovered that last year he was in the 4th grade!

On a better note, Abigail's EMG came back normal. In short, her "telephone lines" between her legs and brain are all connected - I wish I could say as much for her mother. The experience was painful and she has one really nasty bruise from one of the needles they used, but all THREE neurologists who were there agreed that everything looked completely normal. IU Med Center neurology is top notch - they were great explaining to both her and me what they were going to do and what it all meant. The procedure only took half an hour. Of course we went to Starbucks afterwards. We are supposed to call our main neurologist on Thursday (oh - tomorrow already) for further instructions.

I too have been thinking alot about Elena and her young family. It still seems surreal to me and it seems like everytime I open my address book on my phone to dial a number, her name pops up from the list that Janelle compiled not so long ago.

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well and enjoying life. It will not be long that ISTEP will rear its ugly head and we will be elbow deep in test booklets. Our elementary counselor was complaining to me the other day that all she ever gets to do is counsel kids - she doesn't get to input data into the computer or help organize ISTEP or anything. I think my mouth dropped and I am still waiting for it to close...Take care everyone - have we scheduled a fall/winter gaggle reunion? Who is going to the ISCA conference? Anyone, anyone?