Saturday, August 23, 2008

Real life

This week has certainly given us a taste of real life, Ladies. Seeing Alan with Elana, hearing the story of Lane's birth, meeting Elana's family and witnessing the love and joy she brought to so many lives in her short time was an amazing experience for me. The family was so strong; greeting hundreds of friends and strangers with pleasant words and hugs or handshakes, sharing little memories of Elana, all while little Lane lay in Chicago University Hospital attempting to grow and develop outside his Mama's warmth. He seems to be doing well, but at 1lb. 12 oz. has a long fight ahead. The saving grace is that he was not ill. The pulmonary hypertension effected only Elana, came on suddenly and forced his emergency delivery. He will be flown to Riley in Indy as soon as it is medically safe for him. Hallie was home with friends and is unaware of what has happened to her Mama. Poor Alan, by the middle of the evening was beyond speaking. I don't think we can imagine what he must be feeling.
Cindy and I drove up to B-ton together, met Jim, Shelley, Stefan, and Bronwyn and ate at Nic's. It was interesting to catch up with them. Cindy is so happy in Crawford County and they are considering moving there soon. Jim has done a 180; cleaned up his act, teaching, studying, quit smoking and is training for a triathalon. Shelley is back at her old position in Anderson, looking to be placed as a counselor as soon as some internal politics are cleaned up. Stefan is "investigating" all sorts of possibilities, working for Wayne township, still, but not as a counselor. He has an enterprize called HiStep, of which I know little; seems to do some teaching, preaching, inspirational speaking on the West side. Who knows? Bronwyn is divorced, liing with Mom and daughters in a house down the street from ex, working at a school outside of Indy and dating a weirdo from the last school. She's gained weight, but apparently can't afford bigger clothing, smokes and curses like a sailor. Not a pleasant dinner partner. I wish we had been more open to Cindy at ISU, she was used and abused but the Desperate Housewives in that last year. She is a sweet girl and a wonderful counselor.
The girls, Shayla, Mackenzie and Dakota, my brother's 13 year old, are going to B-ton this afternoon for shopping and supper. That will be just what I need after this week. We will hit Border's, the mall and Target before eating at a "grown-up place". They like to ssume the college girl image when they are in town. :-)
Everyone enjoy the weekend with your loved ones; be conscious and in every moment, it goes so quickly. Love to all.


Kirstie said...

Do any of you already use ISTART & online IEP?? We are just now getting trained on it. In our co-op it sounds like more work for the counselor. I am having a hard time getting into the swing of school. I am either going to trainings, trying to figure out what I learned at the last training or holding the hand of the crusty ones are freaking out about it. I just finished my lunch, yes it is 3:30.

Things actually are good... just had a long day.

anna said...

Oh Kirstie, we are training for IStart7 as well. I was chosen to be a train the trainer person even though I do not write IEP's or really have anything to do with them...but oh well. I don't know what the counseling component is that you are talking about but I also haven't been able to go in and play around with it yet. I feel like I am in the swing of things, however I too feel I have been and am going to be out of the building a lot for different things. It's been crazy but like you said, it is actually good! I, however, do take a routine lunch break. I might go insane without it! I talked to Pat today and he said you were coming up to the game on Tuesday. Is this correct? Do you have time to grab a bite to eat first or do you just want to meet at the school? It will be great to see you and catch up!

How is everyone else doing? Even though we are only on the third week I am ready for the long weekend coming up. Is that bad...

Hedy King said...

I am so proud to hear the excitement in your voices, girls. You both sound so sure and confident about being counselors. Just last year you were questioning everything. I understand what you mean by "good"; it is good to have a place in the world where one feels needed, where one fits when life is so scary out there. I'm glad the two of you get to catch up tomorrow night. Having Pat is "good" for both of you. :>)
We haven't gotten word on ISTART or online IEP; of course, we are just getting RTI training down here. I swear we are in Ky. sometimes; deep in the hills. I, too, am ready doe the long weekend, that isn't bad, Anna, It is wise. Take care, my sweeties.

Jill said...

Hi group.

Just wanted you all to know that I got a tattoo!!!! Yes, the wild child in me is coming around again. I went to Terre Haute to get it, because that is where our art teacher does tats on weekends. While I was there, I stopped by ISU to say hello Tonya (she and I had e-mailed earlier in the week). Tonya said to tell the gaggle hello!!! I met the brand new cohort....bless their hearts...they know not what they do!!! lol

Talked to Peg about Elena. The way the paper read, I thought she died because of childbirth, but as Hedy pointed out, it was a condition she had and was nothing to do with the little one. Allen was in Chicago with the baby. Let's be sure to keep them in our prayers.

Also, Peg retired from high school, but is now at ISU full time. Aren't you glad you are finished??? I know I am, although she was very nice on Saturday.

I am so out of the loop on this counselor thing. If I ever do get a job in the area, I hope my gaggle buddies can help me out. I didn't even know that this year's freshman didn't have to take ISTEP. *Sigh*

Anna, where is your apartment? I am in Lafayette all of the time it seems. Let's get together soon. Maybe you, angela, janelle, and I can do dinner one evening.

Have a great week and an even better long weekend. Love you guys.

Alison said...

if you plan it for a weekend I can make it over that way too. It's only an hour to Lafayette for me.

miss you all terribly.