Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wanted: stronger rose-colored glasses!!!

Good Saturday to everyone,

The blog really worked this week, loved hearing from so many geese. Jill, you will never be out of the loop, you are the loop, Girl. Hope you found some good info on Freshman, Anna. Did you contact Terra? I'd love to start that here, but feel overwhelmed by all that is needed to prepare for it. I'm starting the middle school "New Image" girls' group after ISTEP and that is so time consuming. We try to have a different activity each week which will be an esteem/confidence builder for girls. I bought the coolest, or kookiest book called "How To Be A Lady" for this. OMG, not quite Miss Manners, but almost. Even I think some entries are over the top. I think the girls will get a hoot from it and maybe learn a little, too.

Staci, Carrie just needs to log on to Gagglespeak, as you did. There are no controls on who can enter. I left it open for all. How's she doing with 2 little guys? You and Mellissa sound like too much fun with your Bunko nights. I miss Mellissa, I believe she was my first connection at ISU that long ago spring.

Kirstie, I love you and Pat for your heads up, smiles on attitude about our jobs. You are a fresh breeze blowing on all of us, thanks. What lucky kiddos will be born to your family one of these days; having the coolest Momma and Daddy around.

What a week. I think the European scientists messing with the Big Bang theory have done something to the wildlife in the U.S., meaning our middle school students. Goofy, goofy, goofy and ISTEP coming up next week. I shudder to think what the results will be, and our sophomores are not the most likely to succeed on the GQE this year. Have you all had the Article 7 training? Who is going to do all this extra monitoring and recording and reporting? Counselors??? My classroom teachers are up in arms and will just quit referring. Then where will these kids be? Oh, and how was your week? Sorry, I had to vent and lost control.

AND this week was our "Complaint Free World" kick-off. Most of the staff have red wrists from all the rubber band snapping :-). We have started a Monday morning prayer group for staff. It feels good to at least be postitive in the beginning of the week. We have another on Wednesday after school and by then we need it. It is heart warming to see so many teachers wanting this, I've been surprised by the attendance. Males and females coming together for strength.

It is a gloriously hot day here in OC. Where is fall? I want to cook some fall food, but won't heat up the kitchen. I need to hold on to this for real winter weather which will be here, I know. I guess I'm just worn out with summer. The heat saps my energy, although at school my office is a brisk 24 degrees all year round. I kid you not, my nose drips icicles, visitors request blankets, and my aides wear winter coats. Even the flowers I cut from our garden last 2 weeks, just as if they were in a florist fridge! Our thermostat is controlled by a computer in Houston, no telling what Ike will do for us.

Courtney is bringing her kids over later, we are taking Brianna shopping. She couldn't wear any of the B-day clothes I got her, so she will try on before I buy more. They grow unbelievably fast, no? Bri is a gorgeous blue-eyed blond with a strong mind of her own. She and stepmom tangle often. It is interesting to watch my daughter deal with these additions to her life. They are all learning to love each other.

Hope everyone liked the pix, it is easy to add them. I'd love to see some from you all. My brother is against putting his girls' pix online like this, but I'm not concerned. Crazies are everywhere, but you cannot get paranoid about it.

Are you all keeping up with the presidential race? I'm not a gung ho politico, but Sarah Palin is not ready for much of anything, I don't think. After viewing the Charlie Gibson interview, I don't think she is too smart or world-savvy. Having the balls to stand up and give a speech at the RNC doesn't mean one is qualified to run our country. She scares me. Her views are so narrow-minded. I have always thought John McCain was a good man, but what was he thinking? I'm not totally convinced this is Obama's time either, but the other side scares me. I want a better America for my grandkids than we have right now. This will require real soul searching for all of us in November. Some think it can't get worse than Bush, but I am afraid it can and will, as much as I dislike and distrust him. Gee, I hate being old and crusty. Bah.

Still haven't started a new quilt, gotten out patterns, fabrics, looked, studied, put everything back, again. Where is my inspiration? Help me, Girls. What should I do? Any ideas? I need a goal, a purpose for creating a quilt. A theme, a color plan, a deadline....

I'm also putting off my fall cleaning; too hot, too busy, too tired, need new windows, need a new kitchen, need a new back door. We have a new backdoor in the garage, aiting to be hung, but Steve appears to be as uninspired as I am. The blue funk hangs over our little bungalow, alas.

Everyone have a terrific weekend.


Dawn Gahan said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my screen! This project has me hankering to start more.


Elaine said...

Hi all! Just wanted to wish everyone a great week and those of you involved with I-STEP+, good luck! Don't forget to get a good night's sleep and eat breakfast each day (he he he).

This has really been a crazy year so far...I almost feel more overwhelmed than when I first started this job. I had a sixth grade student's dad pass away last Sunday...he had been in the hospital since August 19, the day he collapsed while he was running. The family is very well known in the school community and it has been a bit draining for the staff and I.

On a much lighter note, Millie had her baby last Saturday, 9/6/08; the due date was 9/28. Henry Sawyer Thomas was 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. He is being considered a preemie b/c he was 3 days shy of being considered full term. All are doing well. My parents went out today. I fear I may not be able to get back to Ohio until the baptism next month.

I will probably not be going to ISCA either; I am supposed to be going to a bullying conference that is being held the same time in Indy. Anna, I think I read you were going to this as well. Will you be staying down there?

I would love a fall get-together...I miss all of you.

Have a great week everyone. God Bless!

Kirstie said...

I may now be going to the Bullying conf. in Indy that weekend also. What is one more friday out of the builing? I did the math a little and I think this semester on average for me every other week is a short week for one reason or another.
Somehow I seem to have become the resident expert on RtI, Article 7, and online IEP. Maybe because so many of our staff are crusty and think if they ignore it, it will go away.
I have started to make staff morale my secret mission. At first I tried to fight the urge and told my self that the students were my job and staff was the administration's. But, how are we supposed to expect students to like school if teachers don't even like school. Thus far I am clinging to one small victory at a time and trying to ignore the poopers. I like the rubber band on the wrist for complaining but in my position I have to be a little more subtle. Hmm... I think for every time I hear a teacher tell me "Wait til you have been here a few years..." or "I don't care what the other teachers think of me, I am here for the students" (quote from the ED teacher who everyone refuses to work with... imagine that)... I am going to shoot them with a water gun. Subtle??? I'll work on it.

Alison said...

Hey all. Hedy, I need a new perscription for my glasses as well. ALL, I repeat, ALL of our ISTEP labels are wrong. Wendy and I spend the day bubbling in student info. Thank the Lord in Heaven that only sophomores and retesters have to take the test. I hope you all are surviving ISTEP.

I'm not going to ISCA either. I'm going to go to IACAC I think. We must plan some kind of fall get together. I need a gaggle pick me up. Hope all is well with all ofyou. thinking of you all.