Sunday, September 21, 2008

How You Doing?

How is everyone today? I've been so caught up in what is going on here, I've neglected to ask about my good friends' needs. I truly believe we can concentrate too, too much on US and forget YOU. I have accepted that my life is going to be full and crazy and a little overwhelming, so now I need to get over myself and check on you all. Last week's pity party was useless and self-serving; my world will look rosy IF I choose for it to . I do.

Well, Mrs. H, how is 30 looking from where you sit? I look back on it with dim memories, as I am almost twice that. Geez. Janelle, you are the picture of what 30 should look like; wife, mother and 1/2, professional, friend. You should be proud of accomplishing all of this and only being 30 years old. And being an excellent wife, mother, professional and friend, BTW. It makes me smile to be your friend, you are so much the person I hoped to be as I was growing up, a shy and nerdy child.

Angela, how are the kids this week? Any updates? Is Abby still doing her work with the horses? I hope so. My sister had horses as a child and finally as an adult. She loved them and only gave them up when life became too busy for her to really spend the time with them she wanted. She is the same with dogs and cats...devoted. I am like our mother; animals are for people who live outside far away from me. Mom would freak if Deb let a cat or dog inside. Sometimes she would get up and bring one to bed after our parents were asleep. She would threaten to have them attack me if I told. I DID NOT. Mom didn't know until we were grown.

Is everyone high and dry this week, no trees, wet basements or missing roof? We had no power from Sunday til Wednesday night. But feel blessed when looking at other areas. Along the Ohio river, just a county south they still have no power and haven't returned to school. It is Cindy Cain's school. I can't imagine ISTEP results after this mess. Our kids were so stressed we postponed Monday's tests but continued on Tuesday. I had GQE 504 kids, writing porn for the writing prompts or sleeping through the math section. My 7th graders were great on Friday after those yahoos. I don't think I enjoy high schoolers at all.

Are all the crops out of the fields up there? Hope your families get back to normal soon. I picture all those gigantic flat fields picked clean by Charlie on his monster machines, Elaine. By the way, how are the house renovations going? Or should I ask? Nothing like depending upon a husband for home improvements, is there? Steve has always been the world's worst at working at home. Anyplace else and he is a master carpenter, but... Anyway maybe this winter Charlie will hit it hard at home.

Jill, what's going on with you and yours? Thanks for thinking of me with the party invite. We will have to celebrate everyone's fall birthdays next visit. Our fall break is the week I'll be in Chicago at the Ophelia Conference. I'd like the kids to join me on Friday, but only Shawn seems interested in that trip. The guys don't care for the Windy City. Maybe it will be Ladies Only and we'll shop 24/7. When is fall break in the north?

Wow, I just saw a hummingbird on the feeder, they are moving south in droves this week. I'm cooking for the kids today. Haven't had them all for awhile, it is so much easier when they come in individual families. But I love it when they are all here. Loud, noisy though it is. Our pretty boy Caleb got a buzz cut, oh my. He says now he and Maddie look alike! No hair. Mackenzie and I went to Bloomington to see "Anne Frank" yesterday. She hadn't been to a live performance in a small theater before, she loved it. I'm glad we have something we do that is just ours. I try to do something special with each of them, but Kenz is so much like me it is easier to think of things to do. Shayla is here today helping me cook for tonight, she is a whiz at the grocery shopping and at prepping too. We are having Mexican chicken casserole, corn (Papaw froze it by himself), salad and Texas sheet cake. I made a new bean salad that Court and I had in a cafe in Louisville. Red, black and white beans with green peppers, onion and a light vinagrette. I hope it is good, I just guessed at the ingredients.

I better get back to the kitchen. Wishing you all a blessed week. Hedy


Staci said...

I am so glad you asked...and even more thrilled I remembered my password!!!

After talking to a few other Illinois Counselors during an Illinois College Articulation Meeting, I learned that I needed to take the Basic Skills test for the state. I was already registered to take the State Counselor test on 10/4 in Champaign. I called the Regional Office of Education (ROE) and spoke to some lovely lady who informed me that not only did I need to take both exams, I needed to have taken them and PASSED both by 9/12/08. This conversation took place on 9/11.

Needless to say I am destroyed. It cost approximately $280 to register for both exams with late fees and changes to my original registration. I had to pay $50 to the ROE for a Sub License, which I am operating off of for the next 90days. If I do not pass one or both I have within this time frame to continue re-taking the test. If I do not pass one or both in that time, I am most likely out of a job.
This brings me back to my Indiana License which expires 9/09, I have done zero of the mentoring/portfolio junk that could keep me on track there. Basically I could end up with a piece of paper from the State of Indiana and a 32K student loan. Pray hard, ladies, pray hard!!!

Did I mention the basic skills includes math with letters in it?? I think it is referred to as algebra, but I can't recall as I have not had a math class since 1992!! There is a lot of reading comp, a writing portion, and all of this math stuff. The counselor's test seems to be a lot of theory, something we learned oh so much about. There is some common sense, but if I wasn't even smart enough to know when my deadline was for the test, God have mercy!!!!

Hedy King said...

Poor Staci, and we thought Indiana regulations were bad. Sorry you have all this hassle. I'm sure you will pass all with flying colors. That elastic mind of yours has all the answers ready to impress those Illinoli??? people. I'm right there with you on the algebra, math with letters, indeed.
Don't sweat the lack of Indiana credentials, I still don't have a license, a mentor and after 15 years on the same job am not acredited. The politics of education, Sweetie. Hang in there.

Jill said...

hi all. just a quick note...when are your fall breaks? it is coming up quickly, but i was wondering if that might a good time for a get together (unless you have other plans already). ours is fri. & mon, oct. 24 & 27.

hope you are all well. i have a crappy cold. it looks like dad is seriously thinking about putting mom in the nursing home. he is really stressing to the point of innappropriate lashing out at people.

stay well, my friends.