Sunday, October 5, 2008

You Never Know...

Girls, you never know what lies ahead when you get up in the morning. Be prepared for anything is my suggestion. Last Sunday I was scurrying around trying to pack as much into my day as possible, when I tripped over the garden hose and fell face first into the gravel drive. Bloody face, black eye, wrenched wrist, banged knee and humiliated to the core, I allowed Steve to half carry me inside. You know that was not easy for either of us. After we got the gravel picked out of my face and hands and the spurting brow stopped, we decided an ER visit was not required. Do Not attempt to visualize this, it is too funny. Anyway, the week went downhill after the fall.

Daughter came in that afternoon, clothing and dogs in tow; left the evil son in law. Do we perform the Happy Dance or allow her to grieve her loss? You are right, we did alittle of both. She is doing fine, holding strong to her conviction that she has had Enough and will not go back. One concern removed from her parents' sagging shoulders. But how to deal with the loss of his kids? We don't know yet. Keep her in your prayers, please.

I hope with the passing of ISTEP you all are back on track and moving successfully towards FallBreak, I know I am. Jill, I'll be in Chicago over our break. It moved this year to Oct.17-20 and so did the Ophelia Conference. My sister and daughter are going with me this time. Shopping, sight-seeing while I try to absorb the answer to relational aggression, one more time.

Our school is full of it this year, I was called into the elementary last week to deal with some 3rd grade girls plotting the downfall of a classmate because she won the Pumpkin Festival Crown. Sad turn of events. I wanted to jackslap the mothers and smack the girls into next week. Needless to say, I did not, but the frustration and temptation were there. I fumbled with my "Mother Teresa Rosary" and took the high road. I'm talking about 8 and 9 year old kids purposely trying to hurt another with exclusion and rumors. Should we start prevention in pre-school?

My "Mother Teresa Rosary" is a strand of crystal and silver beads from Silpada. My sister laughing calls me Mother Teresa and this necklace set her off on the rosary thing. I say, "whatever it takes", and lately it has taken alot. We have not one but two prayer groups at school this semester. We start the week with a Monday 7:15 group and revive with a midweek Wednesday 3:15 group. It has proven to be a wonderful support for all, we can share concerns and joys with people we might not have seen in this light before. I've been surprised with the young males taking part. We have created a stronger, more united teaching force, I believe. The politics of the school had caused some deep rifts in our staff, but hopefully, we are back on track with this activity.

Last night our family celebrated Gavin's 4th birthday with a cookout. What fun! Trent had a fire in the pit and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, Nina made chili and I took cupcakes for the kiddos. Gavin is impersonating the Jonas Bros. lately and asked for music instruments; he got a keyboard, guitar and a drum set. They sent me a video this AM of him on the drums singing "your great, great, great grand daughter is doin' fine, fine, fine". So funny, so serious. He tells us Nick, Joe and Kevin are his classmates in pre-school. Caleb has little time for music, he is into creative storytelling or as he calls it, "Tibbing". The child makes up the wildest tales and talks to everyone. He called Kenzie an SOB the other day and then said Johnny, their minister taught him the word. He hadn't told his parents before because, "I didn't want to make Mrs. Kate (the wife) mad at Johnny." He has had his mouth washed out twice this week alone. Last time he asked his daddy to, " tell Papaw Steve what your wife is doing to his grandson". But he is doing very well in school this year. His teacher who last year feared him, now says he is perfect. I'm afraid she may be losing her grip.

Has your weather been as glorious as ours? We have had days and days of bright blue skies and clear, starry nights. The trees are turning gold and red, another fall in hilly, southern Indiana. My best friend Carole is coming over this afternoon to visit and catch up on what's happening in our world. We raised our kids in the country together and try to get together frequently, but life keeps interferring and usually we only see each other once or twice a year. We only live 10 miles apart, shame on us. Her kids have scattered all over the country, while mine have stayed here in OC, but our concerns and love for our grandkids is the same.

I need to step away from the keyboard and get something done, but this writing makes me feel connected to each of you. Janelle, I had an 8th grade channelling you on Friday; he came up to me saying, "housekeeping, housekeeping". I asked what he was doing, he said he didn't know, it just came to him. Spooky. Of course, he's a fairly spooky kid to begin with.

Miss you all so much, wish we were able to visit more often and help each other through our struggles and celebrate the good stuff together. Talk to me. Love, Hedy


Janelle said...

Well, it has been awhile since I have read and posted. I just got done reading the last two posts and it makes me realize again and again just how much I miss our group. We really need some "gaggle time." Thanks for the sweet comments, Hedy. Yes, 30 is here. Doesn't really feel that much different than 29, but I hear almost daily how much Brian likes being married to an older woman. I guess that just means I am wiser and he is going to listen to EVERYTHING that I say! :)

We had family pictures taken this morning at Brian's parents' house. It went well until Avery fell onto a pumpkin stem and immediately got a skinned up face and very swollen eye (I guess she should come heal with you, Hedy). Needless to say, we've decided that photoshop might be the only way that we get a decent picture out of this mess. Speaking of Avery, we are going through a not-so-fun stage of tantrums, extreme independence, and a strong dislike of shopping. There's no way she's my kiddo....and she had better outgrown it fast!!

Well, Avery is finally napping, Brian is snoring and this is my only chance to watch "Baby Mama."

Love to you all....enjoy your weeks...and most of all, Hedy, I'm glad you are ok...hope healing goes quickly for you.

Kirstie said...

I also have been away for a while. I just ended our "wedding season" this weekend. Yes, 5 weddings in 5 weeks. I did get to go to the beach though and that was very refreshing. School is still crazy. I seem to be working very hard but doing less and less counseling. "Change" is a four letter word around here it seems, but Change is also my middle name :)... ha, I crack my self up.
I just got a bunch of books I ordered through a grant. One of them is "Who Moved My Cheese... for Kids"!! My Vice Principal wants me to read it to the staff.
Pat is good. It is busy season at the orchard so we have started working there on weekends.
Gloria is going on 20 months. She now calls me TeeTee. If she is not asleep or eating then she is talking. I got to take her on the hay ride yester day. Every pumkin we drove by she said "bye pumkin".

I hope everyone is doing well!

Alison said...

Seems so long ago that we were seeing pictures of little newborn Gloria. Has it really been almost 2 years? I love that stage when they really start talking coherently.

Hedy, I hope you are recovering quickly. Sounds like you had quite a weekend with the fall, then mending broken hearts.

Things are crazy. You may remember a few years ago that my brother and my now sister-in-law had some "unexpected" news for us, but didn't tell my parents right away. Wasn't a good situation. Well, my dad checked into the hospital last Wednesday. My mom and I walked Thursday. She said nothing. Friday my brother calls to ask why Dad is in the hospital. I have no idea. Call mom, she responds that she doesn't want us to worry about it, it's no big deal, just a pollup on his colon that's gotten infected. Sunday, it turned into he's having surgery because the pollup ruptured and he now has a hole in his colon. Well, turns out it's not that bad, surgery has been postponed until after he's healed up a bit. He's now on solid foods, and more antibiotics, probably released tomorrow. You are right, anything can happen at any time. I was pretty upset with my mom. My dad had no idea, as he was on heavy pain killers, antibiotics, and ice chips. The boys and I went up to play cards with him yesterday. He was much perkier. I do believe Matt's comment was "well, I don't feel so bad about how she found out about Westin!" We are all praying hard and thankful things aren't as bad as originally thought to be.

Happy healing to all and hang in there. Fall break will be here soon. colorado here we come! Enjoy these beautiful fall days ladies. Miss you all.

Staci said...

I have gone quite a while just reading and agreeing with all of your responses, but saying nothing. But, Hedy it has seemed that you have been talking directly to me with your last few entries.

Last Wednesday we got a call at 10:30 p.m., and we all know when the phone rings that late, it is never good news. J.D.'s godfather had been out enjoying the evening on his motorcycle when a man pulled out of his drive directly into Tony's path. He saw it coming, evidently tried to brake and roll off of the bike, but there was not enough time to react and he was killed on impact. He was a great man with many talents and will be truly missed, but of course my heart is with his wife. She is unaware of the finances, insurance policies, or his pension plans. She does not have a key to the garage or even how to run the t.v. remotes. She is truly lost without her husband. Of course this leads me to think, am I too independant? Do I not give J.D. enough credit for all that he does? Like Hedy says,YOU NEVER KNOW!

In the midst of this madness I went to Champaign and took my dreaded tests. I will not find out the results until 10/31...trick or treat, I love irony. It wasn't near as difficult as I expected, but YOU NEVER KNOW, I could have an inflated ego and actually bombed the whole flippin' thing.

However, in the words of Oprah, some of the things I know for sure are the fact that you all are out there, plugging away as agents of change, just as I am. I sometimes work more as an opponent to the system rather than a change-agent, but either way I am making some differences. I watched the Freedom Writers for the first time last night and I am a little revitalized.

I have made an appointment with the Pediatrician for Garrett (middle child) to consult about his behavioral issues. When he gets angry it is really like someone flips a switch. When the episode is over, he is apologetic and worried, but it really seems as though he has no control when in the throughs of a tantrum. It is all well and good to talk to these kids in my office and give them advice, but when it is your own you feel helpless!!
Take Care...