Saturday, October 11, 2008


OK, Gang, I'm changing my tune; Scarlett O'Hara is now being played by ME. Reality is no fun and I'm not going to live in it anymore. I'm going to deny there is pain, hurt or ugliness in the world and live in a make-believe place of "free 7-Up and Sunshine Stew" to quote Merle Haggard. But before we go; Kirstie, you have to run for Prez, with your middle name being change, your quick wit and level head, you are a shoo-in. Please, do it for me.

I've decided to concentrate on simple pleasures, such as; my kiddos, cooking good food, talking to friends, loving my husband and playing house. It is much more enjoyable to search for that perfect accent for your wall than to decide if a parent should be allowed to keep a child. I love creating a pretty, pink tablescape beside my bed with just the right lamp, cup/saucer and planter and then deciding which magazines and books to place beside them to browse through before sleep. I'm tired of lying awake praying that this kid got fed and that one didn't get raped before bed. Reality stinks. Back to MY reality; I have the most lucious curtains in my bedroom and am thinking of redoing my bedding to match. Quite a departure from my usual Plain Jane white cotton sheets, handmade quilt bedding. The curtains are an almost cream silvery taffeta, really Hollywood glam. I loved them at first sight and had to have them. Now where to go with the bedding? Or maybe I will do a real Scarlett and make me a dress from the curtains and forget about the bed.

I'm going to redo my parlor this winter, too. I have no clear direction chosen yet. I love simple, but need some life pumped into this little 1920s bungalow. Taupe is getting on my last nerve, Ladies. Living the blah life is boring. Even my pumpkin is white, gotta pitch that thing and go for orange. My dining room needs an update, I'd like to trade out my oak pressed back chairs and pedestal table for something else. We got them in 1975 and I am so over them. I like the look of upholstered seats and dark wood. What do you think? Anyone into country oak? Table/6 chairs--free, of course the haul bill will break you up. The way the economy is falling, Steve will have cardiac arrest if I mention NEW furniture and the oak is good for another hundred years. He is determined to ride out the recession without killing anyone, but his enjoyment in retirement has lessened some. I may let him into my new world of denial, if he plays nice.

Staci, sorry for JD's loss of such an important person in his life. But wasn't he lucky to have had him for so long? Loss and change are so difficult, that's why we need all our family and friends for support. It was nice to hear you praise JD, we women are sometimes too quick to overlook our men. It is so easy to bitch and complain, but really, who else would we choose to spend our lives with. I know Steve is the most supportive, caring man around, but usually just share his annoying habits with others. Strong, intelligent women can praise our men. Let's hear it for Steve, JD, Rex, Charlie, Craig, Brian, Scott, Pat and young what's his name.

Our weather has been picture perfect for weeks, we need some rain, but are loving the no heat, no air conditioning spell. Jill, have you been in the Valley lately? they are really shaping up the town center and have the little Open Air Market area beside the post office, really cute. I hate to think of a Denny's going in, but there is a local guy opening a new 33 Brick St. bistro on the brick street (duh), that should be good. The water park is coming along on schedule. Opening in November, I think. Sometimes change is good. I wish I had the courage and $$$ to open a shop.

Enjoy Colorado, Al. The boys will love the wild west, I bet. Getting out of the normal routine is wonderful for everyone; relax and don't think about work, money, politics and worries (or Mom's wacky ways). I hope everyone has an opportunity to get away for a short break, I'd recommend the resorts in the Valley, but OMG they are pricey. I cannot stay there, unless I get a job mopping floors over there.

Do you and Pat have any single friends left, Kirstie? My word, that was a long run of weddings. How did you afford gifts? BTW, do you have Concord grapes in the Orchard? Or just apples and evergreens? I am craving Concords and cannot find any around here. Of course, I don't go to WalMart or the grocery so it is difficult to find fruit. Lady Avery healed yet, Janelle? The eye and the temper? Maybe you and Staci need to find a good child therapist. I had one who acted like them, but it's better not to get started on that. Just ignore what you can and love them anyway and they will grow through it. It doesn't pay for everyone else to get loud and out of control in these situations. It just adds to the chaos and the kiddo gets more upset. Trust me, I know about tempermental kids. Mine is nearly 38 now. We both survived.

Anna, you've been quiet; that makes me worry. All OK? You have survived ISTEP, haven't you? I didn't read of any counselor fatalities. Is Mr. Perfect still? Are Pat and Kirstie going to go to another wedding soon? Janelle and Elaine are blessing us with babies, you two little girls might want to try that sometime. Your own are soooo much better than the ones in school. Angie, how are the blonde bombers in your house? I pray for them daily, on my make believe Mother Teresa beads. I trust all is well.

Have a beautiful week, Gaggle. Love


Layla said...

Your nice comments made me feel like a million bucks! :-)


Alison said...

Hey all. We are glad to be back on flat land!! I don't have pictures yet, as my camera decided to quit working once we got out there. Luckily, my sister's camera uses the same memory card so i was able to put my card in her camera and take some pics. i just can't download them onto my computer. I am going to the store later and will download them onto a cd so i can get them on my computer and share with all of you. I don't know if i can put them on here though, hedy. I don't see those same buttons you described. I can email some to you and you can post for me though. i think that might work.
I have to warn you all, the pictures don't do it any justice. The landscape is so beautiful. The mountains and dirt are a redish color. It is absolutley magnificent. Our hotel had a view of Pike's Peak. We took the cog rail up to the top on Tuesday. It was exhausting and only 8 degrees at the top, but an absolutley breathtaking ride. Between the elevation and the cold, it was kind of hard to breathe. I'm not sure how the people who work there can do that everyday. It was amazing though.

We went to Garden of the Gods and hiked as well as Helen Hunt Falls (not named for the actress and both FREE) for several hours. We hiked all the way to the top of the moutain at Helen Hunt. We wanted to keep going, but Trent was ready to go. Dayna went back Wednesday and walked a little farther and said the trail continues around the back side of the mountain and back to the parking lot. Truely magnificent.

We're off to Bloomington this afternoon for Midnight Madness. We're going for the autograph session and then the game. Kory Barnett, #30, is a graduate of Rochster and he and his family are dear friends of ours. He is looking forward to seeing the boys and getting them both some good autographs. Should be a lot of fun. I haven't been since I was in college. Kory was supposed to be a walk on practice player this year but since all of the changes and lack of players, i think he's going to see some time. :) Watch for him fellow Hoosier fans!! He's my boy!

Hope you all are safe and warm. Enjoy the cool fall days. Miss and love you all.

Jill said...

two things....

i am coming to french lick for the cook party this weekend....

and who is layla?