Sunday, December 14, 2008

It is 6:30 in the evening and I'm still in my jammies, must be a good day :) Sunday has indeed turned into my day of rest. It is so dark and dreary today I could not force myself to dress. Fixed a crock-pot meal, did laundry and messed around with decorations. Yesterday my girls and I went to Bloomington for Shayla's b-day and spent all afternoon in Borders, had soup at Panera and then they forced me into seeing "Twilight". What a pretty tale of teen passion and angst, I'm way too old to buy into that, but my girlies loved it. And the Northwestern scenery was marvelous.

Tomorrow begins our week of challenge, Ladies. Ice storms are predicted for us, what is the NorthLand in for? Finals, storms, 2 week vacation; not a good combo for middle school students. We almost didn't survive the full moon Thursday, at least that is over. My boys kept stopping up the urinals. I finally had to use my outside voice in warning.

It seems to me that we have been colder than usual here, I cannot get warm when I'm out. Must be getting thin blood with old age.

Elaine, I've decided to save for a kitchen redo, how is your remodel coming? I can't imagine a whole house job and really only need the kitchen brought up to date. My sink is in a corner with nothing to see except the wall, my floor has been down since the 80s and the countertops are fake butcherblock which is separating, all together dysfunctional and ugly. I've decided I'll miss Steve, but I really need a new kitchen. I know he will leave when he hears what I want to do. Our 43nd anniversary is Tuesday so we've had much longer than most couples and I really need a new kitchen. Sometimes you just have to make up your mind and live with your decision. And I really need a new kitchen.

Anna, I don't know what is going on at school, but you are much too young to be unhappy in your career. Find another placement or see if you can't remake your present position, if it survives the economy. Counselors burn out soon enough when we love what we do, don't stay where you don't want to be. That right place is out there somewhere. You'll find it, Girlie. Oh, I do believe Grandma is too sharp for the "bottle in the handbag" ploy, I've heard too many stories of her sharp mind where you kids are concerned. I need to meet this Brett, he sounds serious.

Any news, Jill, on the parents' decision? Everyone is praying for you, Lady. We all have things like this to face eventually.

Is anyone doing any traveling over the Holidays? We thought of going to San Antonio to see the new baby from New York while she visits her grandparents, but I doubt we do. When vacation finally gets here it goes by so quickly, not much gets done. I used to make lists and work my way through them till finished, now I just deal with whatever raises its head at the time. I like to think I'm pragmatic, but not so much.

Janelle, you are almost a new momma again. Please, alert the troops and let us know, Goose or Gander. A friend of mine has a nephew...Brazil. Now there's a name. Our niece has a 2 week old Ada Gram. Her babysitter from childhood was called Grammie and she used that in her honor. Raised a few eyebrows in the family, but I think it is a sweet jesture. And such a beautiful baby girl, just like a rosebud.
Any weddings over the New Year, Kirstie? Any baby news from the sisters? Are you and Pat working at the nursery on weekends or does that end with Christmas? Hang in there with the ugly-spirited coworkers, you'll come out on top. Their ugliness will expose them.

I hope to have a cute updated blogsite soon, more reflective of the multi-personalities living inside this grey head. Stay safe and warm my girlies. Maybe we can get together soon. Love you all.


Kirstie said...

I just wanted to let everyone know that this was the longest, hardest week ever. Last weekend one of our 2nd graders was killed in an accident while playing. Our school has pulled together for the family and the students seem to be okay. I have been in charge of delivering meals that staff donate since I live just around the corner from this family. The funeral was today. There is nothing comparable to a child's funeral. I spent all week "doing my job" and being the stable one. Last night at home it just clicked and I couldn't hold it together. I am so lucky to have Pat in these times. I know once you all read this you will be thinking of me, so Thanks. I am really doing okay now.

Hedy King said...

Oh, Kirstie, I'm so sorry. It is such a tragedy when a child dies. I can picture how well you pulled everyone together through this. You are a strong woman and will shine under this sort of pressure, but even the strong ones need the support of caring, loving husbands and friends. Relax and try to unwind. Love, Hedy

Alison said...

Hope everyone is warm and safe this wintery weekend. We had a horrible ice storm that cancelled school yesterday and kept our power off until around 6pm. We camped at my in-laws since they have a generator. Denny said he's never run the generator 36 hours before and doesn't recall an ice storm like this one. It's beginning to snow, supposed wintery snow storm coming in tonight. Wish you all safe, warm homes and celebrations this week. Know that my thoughts are with you all. Miss you and have a very, Merry Christmas!!! Much love, Alison

Staci said...

Oh, Kirstie, I can't even imagine what that is like at the elementary school level. I am sure you did a great job, and you deserve to have your mourning time as well. Those poor parents...

One of my friends from high school died on 12/12. She was a RN in surgical critical care who unbeknowst (did I just make up a word?) had become addicted to morphine. On the outside she was a jovial, fun loving, out going soul, but evidently was hurting on the inside. It has been a difficult week, this was my "scarry" friend Mandy's best friend from childhood. Mandy did Kelly's hair and makeup for the funeral, then during the eulogy said "Just like Kelly to put pressure on me 'Come do my hair Mandy, I am going to meet Jesus Christ'"

I went to the doctor for vertigo which has turned into having my thyroid biopsied. They called today to reschedule until 1/8. I am a little frustrated. Evidently I have some type of autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's. I also have a "cold" nodule that is usually indicative of a malignancy. I say, what the heck...It's treatable, no sense getting worked up about it. Just stands to reason, my brother would get the skinny boy hyperthyroid and I would get the fat ass HYPOthyroid. He always wins!

I truly hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday. I hope Santa brings all your little ones (and big ones) just what they wanted! Santa and his elves have built my wild ones a golf cart...Mommy and Daddy are super excited, too!