Sunday, December 7, 2008

the countdown begins...

Two, count them, two weeks till Christmas break. Can I get an Amen, ladies? If our kiddos get any squirrelier, I don't know what we'll do with them. Friday was like herding cats. I'm about to wear out. Then we took off for a Willie Nelson/BillyBob Thornton concert in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, hit a snow storm and crashed my little Jeep. Remember the passenger side that was replaced last year? Now I'll have a new driver's side to match. We were heading up a mountain, hit a slick spot, crossed 3 lanes, hit a guard rail, bounced back into our lane... all without hitting anyone else. God is good. Changed a busted tire, calmed ourselves and drove on. But Willie was as good as our last time 33 years ago. The arena wasn't as full of pot smoke, the crowd was older and smaller, but Willie played on. How was your weekend?

Tonight we went to see the grandsons perform in their preschool Christmas program. During the last song Gavin slowly unbuttoned and took off his cute red plaid shirt and proclaimed, "I'm hot, Dad." Had on a cute little grey wife beater underneath. Then he wiped his nose on the shirt sleeve. Caleb stood behind him singing his heart out. it was a sweet moment for G-ma, let me tell you. I love those two sweeties.

I think all my shopping is finished, the tree is in the parlor, undecorated and I'm thinking about baking cookies. Does that count as being ready for Christmas? When did I get so old and tired? I've always put up the tree, decorated it, wrapped gifts and baked 12 different kinds of cookies in a weekend. Now I just want to go to bed and pull the blankies over my head til Jan. 1. Good idea, see you later Ladies.

Have a quick, painless week. Love, Lila


anna said...

Hedy how much more can you handle??? It seems every entry something else has happened to you! Maybe you should just lock yourself in and hibernate for the winter. I am definitely counting down the days until break. I cannot wait to have several days off in a row. However I will be busy since Brett and I have decided to go with each other to Christmas and our families live on the opposite sides of the state. For a few days we will be driving endlessly I think going back and forth bt families...but it should be worth it...I am excited we get to be with each other.

So yes, things with Brett are going wonderfully, however work is another story. Things at the high school are interesting and there has been some tension built within the student services dept. I really want a different job next year. There is an opening at McCutcheon in Lafayette but it starts in January. I guess it wouldn't look good to be wiling to leave your other school high and dry. Hopefully there will be some openings around here for the fall. I'm expecting my position to disappear anyway with the way the economy is. My hope is that they tell me sooner than later so I can at least get a letter of reference from both principals. I'm just frustrated and it is making it harder and harder to care about work and wanting to go above and beyond like I did last year. Is it bad that I already feel this way and it's only my second year as a counselor????

Oh well...I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. My cousins girlfriend got drunk and was completely ridiculous so my grandma has banned alcohol from Christmas...I may have to sneak some in my purse ;)

Love you all.

Janelle said...

Oh, Hedy....I am so glad you and Steven King are ok! What a ride! Your Christmas decorating and cookie baking sound like me....I don't have the energy or the desire to get it all done this year! Speaking of Christmas...could you all please post your addresses? might think about applying for the McCutcheon job. I had a class with the principal (just before ISU's program) and he seems awesome. I really don't think it looks bad if you are looking for another job...especially if yours could possibly be on the chopping block!

Ok, better get going...I have to go present at the school board meeting tonight with the rest of the guidance department about what we have been sounds like our corp is making more cuts again this year and we just want to be sure the board is informed on just how much we do! By the way, our master schedule is done for next year. Can you believe that? I'm even amazed!

Going to a Project Lead the Way conference in Indy tomorrow. Any other geese going?

Take care and stay warm!

Alison said...

I'm going to that PLTW conference tomorrow too. I hope the weather holds out. I think it is now supposed to be warmer and rain, rather than freezing rain and sleet.

Alison said...

Janelle, you look fantastic. I wish we could have had more time together. I seriously felt like I was watching a really bad sales pitch from the lady. For a tech conference, I was unimpressed. I really like the program a lot though.

Everyone hang on til next Friday, Things have been really crazy around here too. Weather system coming in right now, Full moon this Friday, Christmas break right after that. Hang on to your hats!!! Will we be able to squeeze in a gaggle reunion over break??? Love you all.

Janelle said...

Thanks Alison! You know how to make a chubby prego feel good! It was such a long conference....and I sincerely wish that we could have visited more. Let's get a gaggle reunion on our calendars!

Anna....ignore my comment about applying for the McCutcheon job. Apparently, there's a little more to the story. Give me a call if you want the scoop!

Ok, off to bed....I've been up all night with the flu. Yuck. I'm going to try to get a little rest now!

Staci said...

'Tis the season...J.D.'s dad is possibly getting fired after 38 years of Alcoa for supposedly pulling a fire alarm (he is 63), My Aunt Linda is in the hospital due to a bout with the flu, and I deferred a payment on my van to do some christmas shopping for J.D. and wouldn't you know my engine light came on the next day, the damn thing is out to get me!!! But, since my bucket is full, I will use all of these tests as a reason to count my blessings! And I will drink.

Things are still going well at PHS, some issues with our teachers union that I don't completely have a grasp of, so having a hard time making a stand either way.It is really hard being the outsider or newbie at a time like this b/c all you can do is trust the word of your co-workers and no one is singing the same tune.

Hedy, sorry to hear about your Libby, but glad you are o.k. and got to hear Willie.

Janelle, are you sure you have the flu and it is not from your school's e-coli water??? EWWWW! My BFF is due any day now and has decided on Cole Henry...I love it! One of my students had twin girls, Allison & Lily, and another student had a boy named Riley. Just a few options for you =)

Alison, hope you are finding some answers, I know how frustrating it can be. Jadelin just got an interim report on her work studies and conduct, I am at a loss.

Angela & Elaine, you have been quiet, I hope that means you are busy and well!

Anna~ you are too young to be unhappy at your job, but hang on and start fishing. Check the state job bank...maybe there is more out there than you think.

Kirstie~just make sure your principal knows what you are doing and screw the rest of them! I would have loved to been at the meeting when you outlined your workload though. I hope the person complaining felt like a fool!!

And Jill, I think you need a good stiff...drink! You are doing the right thing letting your dad make decisions, and being there to pick up the pieces. I do not envy you, but love ya!! One of my co-workers is going through the same thing, she goes to the nursing home before school, during lunch and all evening. Her dad insists that her mother is coming back home, and Jane is struggling to keep everyone content. I personally am signing a pact with my friends that says we will assist one another in an overdose if we get to the point we cannot care for ourselves.

Merry Christmas to you all from the Haute!

Hedy King said...

Staci, great to hear from you. It never rains, but it pours, huh? Everyone is in a similar boat, it seems. The next months will challenge us all. But maybe we and our country will emerge stronger. Seems as if these hard times have made everyone realize the true important things in life. Take care and enjoy your Holidays.