Friday, November 28, 2008

I am Thankful for....

I'm thankful for you all, for my family, for my home and for this country which allows us to live, work, worship and speak freely. I'm sitting here listening to my grandaughter plan her trip to the movie this evening, arguing with Mom about getting candy and popcorn, while her little brother and sister watch Spy Kids 3. I love holidays, my kiddos drop in, eat, visit and move on everyday. Yesterday's feast was even better today, but the mess was just as big. Who cares? We are all together and healthy.
How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Are we all thinking of Christmas shopping? Our chiclets wanted everything the commercials offered today on TV. I had forgotten how kids are influenced by them. We seldom watch Kids TV anymore. I cracked up yesterday when Caleb told Gavin he wasn't big enough for some toy; Gavin responded, "I don't want to be big, I want to stay small and hold my Momma's hand" Now how sweet is that? I realize you all witness such sweetness everyday with your babes, but I cannot resist sharing. Do yours want everything or are they focusing on just one item? Is Abby still into horses, Angela and crocodiles for Sam? Hope his doesn't harm hers, eek.
How are you feeling, Janelle? Not much longer til Harvey gets here, is it? You will be amazed how big Avery looks when you bring the baby home; I always felt as if I'd lost part of my older ones. I left them baby and returned to big boy. Hold tight to the memories of these next few weeks with Lady A, they are precious.
OK, Anna. What is going on there? Do we need to gaggle on someone? Don't claim the blame if it is someone else; no job is worth selling yourself out. I hope you have someone there who is wise to confide in. I miss you, Girlie and want only the best.
I had a tour of the WaterPark last week. We a planning AfterProm up there this spring. What an amazing place it is going to be. They have pushed back the opening til Jan. 31, but I don't see how it will be done then. Lots of finish work inside and some water work to be finished. It will be a unique experience though. The hotel rooms have bunks for the kids in them. CUTE. The public areas are bright, rich colors of a tropical retreat, but the sleeping rooms are neutral, soft colors. Nice views of town and country and the Dome. Prices are affordable, too. Less than $20.00 for a day pass to the park, They will have 4 food venues on site, too. I do hope you all can come down for a Gaggle Gathering and stay there w/families.
We are going for the ultimate retreat on Pikeville, Ky. to see Willie Nelson. No, I'm not joking, he is Steve's hero and Courtney gave us tickets for a concert. Now we have to drive for 4 hours into the mountains to hear an old man sing. Steve worked on the parkway through the mountains in the 70s and thought it was the end of the earth, it will be interesting to revisit. We have driven through on the way to the coast, but haven't really looked around for 35 years. I hope it doesn't snow. If you don't hear from me again, look for the body after the spring thaw.
The forecast is for measurable snow here on Sunday; do you all still have snow on the ground, Allison? Did anyone else get any? It has been so cold here, mornings in the 20s. I about freeze during bus duty and then my office never warms up. I wore gloves and a shawl all day on Tuesday. People wrap up before coming into my area. I have been spending lots of time with the kids at school this week. Taking over classes and discussing issues. The teachers seem to have reached a breaking point; one day I showed "Mean Girls" and we had a good discussion about relational aggression. The 8th grade girls rolled their eyes and tossed their hair at me until I was ready for physical aggression. Such _itches. No wonder no one likes them. They have been gathering in the lobby outside my office each morning and critiquing the others as they come in. I pointed out to them the error of their ways, but other than a phone call from an angry mom, no responce. Are all parents blind to the actions of their kids? I pray I wasn't that dumb when mine were there. Mackenzie says some girls in her school are "evil children of Satan", I think she may be right. God help them.
I'm like Kirstie; paddling as hard as possible to keep my head above water at work and still getting more behind everyday. We have started the RTI thing and guess who gets to DO it? Our principal says it won't be here long, just keep stalling. But I feel it is the right approach for the kids who continue to fall short and pushes the teachers to do what needs to be done. Teachers are refusing to refer or follow recommendations. I cry alot over this and our Sp.Ed. director is threatening to quit. Since Mitch was re-elected, this won't change, will it? Even if NCLB goes away? Any advice, Ladies?
I'm giddy over 2 more free days, no plans at all. Stephen says, "Just keep cooking, Mom" and they've all asked for a favorite treat this weekend. Looks as if berry dumplings are next, followed by turkey potpie and bread pudding. Foods on, come see us. Love to all.
Talk to me. Hedy


Jill Tucker said...

hey gang! long time no talk to!

well, rti? what is rti? ok, i know, but apparently my counselor nor any administrators do because it has not been mentioned in my school. i am going to sit back quietly and just see what happens. i called a parent about her son's absences because i knew he needed to get a 504 or homeschooling started. wow. once again, i was going behind her back. she didn't actually attack me, but i know her ways. i explained to her that i was simply calling as an interested teacher. god, i hate that place.

anyway, mom is currently in the hospital being assessed and evaluated. EVERYONE has told dad to take her straight to the nursing home, but he has to try it at home one more time. he realizes it is inevitable, but he won't be comfortable in his heart until he is convinced that he has made every attempt at keeping her home. he and i watched The Notebook on Thanksgiving evening. I thought of my parents the first time I saw it, but dad refused to watch it before. Turns out he loved the movie, but it also reminded me that there are couples who truly love each other that much, and my parents are one of those rare few. So, I told him that I understand why he needs to do this, and will just be there to pick him up when it doesn't work. *sigh*

anyway, hope you all are well. i am sure you are enjoying this time off. we plan on cleaning the house today and putting up the tree tomorrow. of course, it is after 2 and we haven't started, and i am thinking of taking a nap, so we shall see....

stay in touch y'all......

love you and miss you more than you know....


Jill Tucker said...

oh, one more thing.....

i am on andrew's computer and don't have gagglespeak makred as a favorite.....

but i googled it and there it was!!!

Lila, you made google!!!

Janelle said...

Hey ladies! Oh, Jill...I am so sorry that times are so tough for your mom and your family. You are doing the right thing by letting your dad do it his way...he will realize what is best eventually.

The RTI/GEI process has hit Benton schools too....Blumberg trained us last year and it is actually going much better this year than I thought it would. Speaking of school...we've been out since Monday. Apparently, we have E Coli in our well and we aren't able to go back until we get an all clear. I just got an email that said that we are still closed as of right now (the building was suppose to reopen this morning). Who knows....maybe we've already started our Christmas break! I'm not looking forward to going back since we are getting ready to do our first run of the schedule on Monday. It can either go really well or like it did last year. Wish us luck!

8 more weeks until baby Hardebeck #2 arrives....I just realized that I don't have much ready around here. I've spent most of this pregnancy wishing for the 9th month and now look at's flying by and I'm not even ready!!! Our babysitter started the whole potty training thing with Avery. She does well at daycare, but at home....well, let's just put it this's going over like a pregnant pole vaulter!

Better get going...she's sound asleep and I have a tree to decorate! Take care you and miss you!

Alison said...

Hello all! Hope you have all survived Thanksgiving. It has been fun for us. Lots of family and good food. We had dinner here on Thursday for my family, minus my sisiter, and Rex's family including my sister-in-law's parents from Minnesota. We laughed and ate all day long. The babies giggled, and the big boys played with the Wii and we all giggled at them. Good times!

Oh Jill, how hard this must be for you. My mother in law insists that when her mom's diabetes gets so bad she can't keep it under control, she's bringing her home too. Granny wasn't good Thursday. She still knows my kiddos, but she doesn't know Tom's little Trevor and didn't know Jill this time either (Tom's wife). It's hard to watch her decline. Rex cried that night. I don't know what I would do if it was my parent instead of a grandparent.

Janelle, do they know where the e-coli came from? That seems strange. Do you have many built in days this year? Hope the vacation doesn't extend your school year too much. And what is this stuff about running the schedule for next year???? I just want ours done before the end of May this year. :) Hope you're feeling good mama!

Anna, is the admin looking at our New Tech model? I think i heard that they were coming for a tour. In that case, you are a vital part of the "Critical Friends" process. They need to have a counselor in on that process as well as to deal with all of the angry parent phone calls wondering why their child is doing all of th work for the group, oh I mean, parents calling to tell you how much they love the school and the teachers and project based learning.... On second thought, let your admin deal with those. It will serve them right. We are really looking at the after school "Bonus" time like you guys do. I don't know how our teacher association is going to react to it, but we're going to try.

Kirstie, sounds like you have some support from some people. Those who complain about what you do don't understand what all you have to do. Hope things look up for you.

Elaine, we had a great time with your family. Rex admitted he didn't feel out of place after all. We all agree that we wish we lived closer, but also know it wouldn't make anymore time to get together.... You know how it is.

Hedy, holidays at your house sound so wonderful. i want that for my family. It makes me want to have another couple of kids in hopes of many future grandkids, neices and nephews, and baby giggles for a long time to come. ahh... good times....

Angela, how are things? We had a student from Delphi High School transfer to us a couple months ago. He's a great kid, but is having trouble finding his "spot" in our school. He's a great kid, but misses his friends and school, rightfully so. How are things with Abby and Sam? The boys still talk about playing with them over the summer. Jordan is excited to have us all get together again and is stoked about the possibility of the water park for a gaggle get together! Hope all is well.

Staci, we're going to explore the melitonin and the tonsils, and have him tested for LD. I don't know if it's going to prove anything, but it would be nice to have some kind of answer. Things have improved with Jadelynn (I think I spelled that wrong- sorry) after the melitonin?

Trenton is singing the days of the week song and just inserted Black Friday in place of plain Friday.... Man these guys are perceptive...

Miss you all terribly. Hope we can work out a gaggle reunion sometime soon. Stay warm. It's already snowing pretty good and is to continue all day and into the night, depending on how it tracks and if we get lake effect this far south. Hope all is well with everyone.

Janelle said...

So, maybe I have started Christmas vacation! Just found out that our schools are still closed tomorrow due to the water issue....I am getting a little anxious about the number of school tasks I have to get accomplished before my maternity leave!!!

So another vacation day...tomorrow is Cyber Monday so if you need anything purchased online, let me know! I'll be trying to finish up shopping!

Hedy King said...

E Coli? yuk. Do you live in Mexico?
Jill, your parents break my heart, poor, sweet Dad. You do have to support his decision, even if it hurts to see them in that position.
Hope you all get some positive feedback from the tonsil thingy, Allison and Staci.
It is almost Friday, yippee.

Hedy King said...

E Coli? yuk. Do you live in Mexico?
Jill, your parents break my heart, poor, sweet Dad. You do have to support his decision, even if it hurts to see them in that position.
Hope you all get some positive feedback from the tonsil thingy, Allison and Staci.
It is almost Friday, yippee.