Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yes, We Can

Hello Everyone,
Look, Allison, I managed to add your vacation pix. I am a technology genius, no doubt. Of course, I tried to add Gavin's Halloween picture and couldn't get it to take at all, so all the bugs aren't out yet.
Speaking of bugs; I had another ER trip due to the ladybugs this afternoon. By the time I got to the doc, I couldn't see, hear or breathe. Three shots and 30 minutes later I was OK. My eyes are still swollen and there are blisters on the whites, but I'm better. I didn't even see any bugs, but was doing some handwash of sweaters that Courtney had in storage, there were dead ladybugs in the bottom of the boxes. Such small bugs, such big problems.
Hope everyone is happy the elections are over and can live with the results. I think the country is ready to work for a real change that will benefit us and the world. But tensions will be high for awhile, so much at risk. I pray you all manage well.
We've celebrated b-days this weekend; Steve and Trent on Friday and Saturday. I'm married to a real senior citizen, Girls, Steve is 63. Wow, what an odd thought. We aren't supposed to be old. Trent is 39, another heart-st0pper. That's my baby boy, yikes. We went for late breakfast this morning with Nina, Trent and Gavin and took a long ride through the country to Hindostan Falls and saw 2 bald eagles. So cool. Gav tried acting like a bunnny to attract them but they flew away. The skies were gray and it was only 40 degrees, but it was a sweet day.
Yesterday Courtney and I went to a Silpada style show in a winery in Seymour with Shawn, Mackenzie, Shawn's mom and a friend of hers. It was fun, rather like a meeting of the Stepford wives; same haircut, same thin bodies and lots of silver jewelry. Courtney was weirded out, she and Kenz made bad jokes all evening. The setting was nice, barn-like with lots of festive table decor and music. The Gaggle would have enjoyed being there. :-) and the wine flowed, so Staci, Anna and Kirstie would have had a great time.
Elaine, how's the family? And the new baby? Doing well? Are you getting to be with your sisters much? I know Thanksgiving and Christmas will be special this year with the new members of your bunch adding to the excitement. Allison, you all have a new one, too, right? How is your dad this winter? Recovering from his rough patch, I hope.
The waterpark is set to open over Christmas now. If I haven't said so before, we are getting a STARBUCK"S. Abbie has to come so we can get hot chocolate, Angela. We are also opening an indoor car track, an Amish buffet and deli in the Spring. The Valley is becoming a destination spot, Ladies. Come and be entertained. I can't wait till some shops open that are affordable, as opposed to the Resort shops, my word.
I'm shopping online again this year, but will buy my big items at...WalMart. Go ahead and laugh. I've succomed to the lure of lower prices. Really, my kids want Wiis and Nina is picking them up for me. I'll add a few smaller things for each of them, but not too many. We, as everyone else, are trying to cut back. I got all the g-kids winter coats a couple of weeks ago, so they are ready for the cold.
I am off to watch "Brothers and Sisters", the only series I can keep up with. Have a terrific week, my friends. Peace and love. Hedy


Alison said...

Oh Hedy!! I'm so glad you're ok. More proof that those little bugs are vile creatures. Rex agrees whole heartedly.

We had a speaker today for staff development from Ruby Payne's poverty research place. She was fantastic! Makes me more optimistic about things. School has been nuts. Often leaves me questioning my career choice. This was envigorating and inspiring. REady to try again tomorrow.

Dad is well. Surgery and the colonoscopy are scheduled for the second of December. He will have to be in the hospital for a week following the procedure. Not exactly sure why, just part of it.

My little Jordan is struggling in school again. His teacher is phenominal and is bending over backwards to help him. He is a peak and valley kind of learner. This last week has been a crater rather than a valley. Going to the Dr on Friday to begin the ADHD process. I think I've shared with some ofyou that he has enormous tonsills. I found some research that links large tonsils with airway obstruction during sleep and it has specific implications on reading and language development. I have a feeling we will be taking them out along with adnoids. Anyone else have experience with having them removed? Just wondering if this is the right thing to do.

Have a great week ladies! Miss you all. Full moon Thursday, Hold on!!!!!

Staci said...

Alison, I have been told that children who are sleep deprived show the same symptoms as ADD/ADHD kids. If his tonsils are large and are causing apnea/restless sleep, this could be part of Jordan's issue. We had Jadelin tested, the Dr. suggested lighting a fire under her butt for her underachieving attitude (her IQ was 128), and melatonin to help her sleep through the night. Not suggesting Jordan needs the fire, but the melatonin is an over the counter, all natural med that has really made a difference at our house.

I just got a flyer for the Mean Girls conference in Vegas...anybody up for that??? My principal said if I go, he and his wife would need to chaperone.

Janelle said...

"Ay, ay, captain!" Ahhhh...the sound of Avery enjoying her favorite show...Sponge Bob! She is really becoming quite the talker and told me this evening that the "baby" is a "sister." Hmmm...maybe we should let her name it! Ok, forget the whole sister thing....I just overheard Brian asking her if she wants a sister or a brother....she didn't say anything, so he asked "neither?" and she replied "neither!" Clear as can you think she's a little spoiled like I was as a child?

We just got back from Florida last night. The 3 of us flew down for a friend's wedding. It was fun, but exhausting. This chubby pregnant lady can't keep up like I used to!

Oh, gosh, Hedy...I can't believe all that those little ladybugs put you through! I'm glad you are better, but so sad that you have to go through that! Alison....I haven't heard anything about a connection between ADHD and large tonsils, but it makes sense to me. Of course, I'm not a doctor....I feel like I've gone to school long enough to be one, but I know that I'm not making a doctor's salary, so I can't be one! :) Has his teacher mentioned anything about the GEI/RTI process? Just wondering if this could help....

I'm getting ready to post some pictures on my dropshots site of our vacation. Please overlook the large woman in the black dress....they aren't very flattering pics!

Take care ladies! Love to you all!

Janelle said...

Hey Staci...before I forget...can you get Carrie to join us on here? I miss her!! Could you work on Bronwyn too? Ok, I'm joking about that one...

Elaine said...

Hey all! It's been a while. I've figured out how to access this at school...I know I shouldn't right now, but I just need to for my sanity.

Miss everyone terribly. I was in Indy on Thursday and Friday for a bullying conference that Anna was also at, but we never did get a chance to meet up. Saw Mellissa and ate lunch with her both days...she was a hoot! I left for Ohio on Saturday with the family for Henry's baptism...Charlie and I were the godparents. Got back on Sunday at 10:00 p.m....Monday came too early.

Okay...stupid techno do I get a pic to post when I send a message? That is kind of cool.

Hedy, I'm glad you're okay. Anna, how was that MRI? Interesting website Staci...yes, I laughed (a lot). Jill, yes, I admit that I laughed at your post...I think b/c I can just picture you and just hear you saying that as if I was there. Kirstie, how is the apple orchard?...I'm assuming you are still helping out family with that on the weekends. Janelle, any name as long as you and Brian are okay with it, will be just know it will. I keep wondering if baby Hardebeck might share a b-day with Charlie (1/25) or Annie (2/5). Angela, is Abbie still doing dance with Dance Magic? Just wondering b/c Lizzie is now and is planning on being in the dance recital...just wondering if we'd see you there.

Blessings to all - :-)

Laura said...


Thank you so much for your comment over at my blog.

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

Blissful Nikki said...

uhh...i hate being sick! glad to see your ok! :)

By the way, I am having a giveaway on my blog! I would love for your to stop by and check it out! :)