Sunday, November 2, 2008


I am unsure of the political leanings of some of you, and that is not my concern; I do want to encourage all of you to VOTE on Tuesday. This may be the most important election of our lives and our childrens' lives. Lets not sit back and allow others to decide our future for us. Eeryone is busy, but we all owe it to ourselves and our country to take the time to vote. So much depends on the vital, young women of the U.S. getting out the vote. As educators, the local, state and national elections impact our careers, our families and our futures. Have your say, please. This election has been wild and wooly for good reason; the candidates differ on so many fundamental points and the winner will either bring about CHANGE or continue the STATUS QUO in our country. What do you want? Tell them with your vote.
OK, now back to our regular program. How is everyone? I am so happy for Staci showing the state of Illinois that Hoosiers do know counseling. I love that, Staci.
I'm still wondering around in no-man's-land; not a counselor, not an administrator, not certified, bonified or even vaccinated. Yet, running a school. Only in America...oops, no political humor here.
Jill, my heart aches at your plight with mom. You'll all be crazy before it's over. So many of us are facing this issue, it seems epidemic. Is this a price we pay for living longer? or for polluting our environment? Anyway, my thoughts are with you everyday, stay strong and keep the faith, Lady. Maybe mom would enjoy the activities from Staci's craft website, it would add fun to dad's day.
Any name decisions, Janelle? The Gaggle offered up some neat ones. I also love Chloe and Phoebe, but I imagine Brian would have a field day with them. We tried to get our friend to name her baby Phoebe, but she refused to have a Phoebe Eby. She is no fun at all and had 3 boys anyway. I say let Lady A name the babe, she'll have real oldest child power then.
Where are Elaine and Angela? Yoohoo, yoohoo. I miss you busy ladies. Are the kidddos OK and enjoying the fall? Everytime I see an alligator/crocodile I think of Sam. Such an imagination. Hello, Anna. I thought the heart earrings were way over the line, too; esp. the red food color, yuck.
I've spent this morning in the garage hunting for a drill to put up a curtain rod. My sweetie-pie husband is gone for the day and his shop is a total mysterymaze. I need that rod up before he returns and tells me I cannot hang a curtain there. I'm separating the living room and parlor with a beautiful copper velvet drape. The doorway between them is 9 feet and I want to give the parlor a little more privacy and cozy it up a bit for winter. We widened the doorway when we moved in and he doesn't understand my wanting to make it smaller. I sometimes think men are naturally dense, while he thinks women are naturally nutty. It all works out beautifully for us...42 years on Dec. 16. Really, it is a miracle we are still alive, much less still married.
I went to an antique show at the resort yesterday and didn't buy anything but handmade soap. The vintage linens were so tempting, but I walked away from even the baby quilt that screamed, "take me, Grandma, take me". I am woman, hear me roar. Of course, I'm fighting myself to not go over today and buy it. Be strong, be strong. What is your weakness? I've been through chickens, baskets, pottery, enamelware, but quilts and baby linens will never stop turning my head.
We are all well here, had dinner at the new restaurant in town last night. Great place, not so good service. They have lots of bugs to work out in timing the meal delivery. We had reservations, ordered salads and sandwiches and were still there 2.5 hours. I was proud of my men and the little ones, no temper tantrums from anyone; although Trent did claim to be fainting from hunger after about 1.5 hours and Caleb asked the waitress 3 times, "you gots any food". Caleb also had Shawn's camera and was shooting the manager and waitresses from behind and me in the face. Fun, fun, fun. Gavin just looked on in amazement at his hero's bold behavior, wishing he had the nerve to be Caleb. When we got home, Caleb put on a production for us; dancing and singing along with Broadway hits from the TV. Where he gets this, I cannot guess. His sisters are quiet as little mice and well behaved. But he is entertaining. When asked how he learned to dance, Caleb replied, "It's in my bones" and he is only 5.
Remember to vote, Ladies. Have a great week. Honk. Hedy

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Kirstie said...

I am back from an awesome weekend in FL. The Florida v Georgia game was crazy. It was great to see "our" Gators chomp the Dawgs. We had a great time with the cousins too. I struggled through case conferences today.
My political Story...
While we were tailgating someone tried to give me a McCain/Palin sticker to wear and I just said "no thanks". They thought I meant "please tell me your opinion". The worst part is that we were in line for food and could not walk away. He let me know why I should vote for McCain and that Obama was going to take all my money. I never even said who I was voting for!! I just smiled and said "I am an educator", he had no response to that. His wife piped up and said "you know the popular vote doesn't matter... it all comes to the electoral collage... and we know how that goes" Seriously???? is that the new McCain battle cry