Saturday, November 15, 2008


You all know my passionate stance against drugs; well, add steriods to the list. OMG, I've been crazy for the last 3 days. Predizone is not my friend. Apparently there was a bad mix with some of my meds and the steriod for the allergy attack and I've been channeling Attila the Hun and Lizzie Borden. There hasn't been a sane thought since Wednesday, I've sat in bed, holding onto my head and skin to keep together. Poor Stephen King, he must think he's been written into one of the other one's novels. I think it is almost over today, still alittle shaky and the walls are moving somewhat, but mostly OK. I think maybe the LadyBug is one of the plagues from the Bible. Such a seemingly harmless creature, deceptive and cunning. Some even decorate their nurseries with their little black and red images. Do not fall into the trap, Ladies. Save your children and run away.

On a saner note, it was great to hear from all of you this week. Elaine, it has been ages. Does Little Henry look like your kiddos? We need a new baby around here and our niece is having one next month. We have a shower tomorrow for the expected little girl. I cannot wait to hold this one. Another niece has a 4 month old daughter, but they live in NYC and we haven't seen her yet. It is such a wonderful gift to watch our family grow and have new life. With each new child, the miracle of life is relived and love spreads.

It is great that you have such a willing teacher this year, Allison. I think that can make or break a child sometimes. Poor guy, struggling to learn, because we don't have a grasp on how to best teach. His natural intelligence shines from his eyes and the willingness is there, we just have to stay centered on what he needs. The boys are so lucky to have you and Rex as parents, a real inside track to learning. Sometimes, I just want to advise parents to let their kids be kids and learn naturally, but that isn't always the answer. If they don't get that extra support at home, they can lose out entirely. The softwear packages, I used hardcopy workbooks with mine, are a marvelous addition. You can find them in any interest area and most kids love the computer. But, of course, you know all of this. I have read of the tonsil/sleep connection. In fact, my nephew was diagnosed ADD in early elementary, had tonsils removed in 4th grade and no more symptoms. Joe graduated from IU's Kelly School and makes a mint in Chicago now. Just stay strong, Mama. He will shine. You and Staci have kids who like to be kids and are stifled by the constraints of school rooms. We see so much of that in education. I think back to Mackey's class on education and fitting people into little boxes that move through the system. It makes me sad that we continue to do this. Maybe Montessori is the answer?

Janelle, are you big enough to have another baby? Those shots of you in Florida didn't look it. You appeared alot smaller than with Lady A. Or you know how to hide from the camera, maybe? Anyway, looking good and that child is a star. Such a sweet face. And how about Bob? Bob Hardiwick? Nice strong sounding name, B follows A; you and Brian can work your way through the alphabet. Or Bubba? Hilljacks love the name Bubba. But there are no hills up north, are there? Sorry, I may be stroking again.

How are the parents, Jill? I think of your family and pray for you daily. Any decision on Mom? Be strong. How is Andrew, speaking of family? Sandwich generation seems to define you, Lady. Are you getting to French Lick this winter? I know I won't see you even if you do, but it is nice to think you're close :-) Our friend got a Principal of the Year Award from his last school which was awarded this fall. Makes our Board look bad for not extending his contract. He is such a gem.

I suppose our two young'uns are busy as bees right now. Are you two still getting to spend time together with those perfect men? As a foursome, you must be unstoppable. I imagine dinners together where Anna and Kirstie out-cook each other, a la Iron Chef. Or do you have the guys cooking? A much more modern approach. I hope you are each enjoying this wonderful time in your lives. You have such exciting times ahead. I wouldn't go back and relive my life, but I did love that new person stage of being a young adult and having the world before me. You are such bright, dynamic women, you can have your dreams. Bless you both.

I'm trying to get inspired for Christmas, but keep getting sidetracked. I did get a grant to take our middle schoolers bowling for an academic reward. We, apparently have NO money for anything in school this year. Casino dollars are hidden somewhere. I'd like a chance to use some for direct services to the kids, but seem to be in the minority. I'm also, trying to get another Special Ed teacher and a couple of aides, but have been laughed at. I fear our teacher will resign in frustration and we will be left high and dry.

We are practicing Invisible Mentors with the struggling students,but keeping the staff excited is a battle. I feel they hate me half the time, I'm always pushing, pushing... How do you all do this? Aren't we supposed to do this?

Now back to Christmas...see how distracted I am. I have wiis for each family, so just need to fill in with small items. I'd like to decorate more this year, last year barely saw a tree. I'm thinking filling my urns out front with greenery and colored ribbons. I'll switch out my fall quilt on the swing with a wintery one and put up a new wreath. Wish I could get another square one, Kirstie. We need a new tree this year, I may go back to natural. Except so many trees around here have L-bugs in them. I cannot take that risk. Maybe we'll go retro with an aluminum one with the color wheel light! Mom and Dad had that in the 50s and I hated it. So cold, I thought. Of course, no one listened much to a 10 year olds' take on decor. She also had the blonde Swedish furniture with lime/black lamps, eek. Courtney had her house that way for a couple of years, too. I just don't care for it. I like simple, warm, homey things. Hard to imagine, old Grandma Hedy any other way, right?

I'm having a lady design Gagglespeak for me. I don't like the way it is now. I'd like style and music and a chance to link things like other blogs and websites. But there is that tech problem; as in I don't know how to do any of this stuff. I imagine A and K could whip this out in no time. Do you use any blogs at school? Our seniors, the band and a few teachers have them. The problem is, you can loose days reading them if you aren't careful. Sort of video games for the unco-ordinated.

Hope you all will post some Christmas pix of kids and your homes to spruce up the site. I'll have to change out our beachy pix for winter. Talk to me. Love


Alison said...

Snow. That's all I have to say. The kids are so excited. They squealed with delight as they scooted their boots through the snow to the bus this morning. All bundled up in snow pants, boots, hats, gloves. So happy to see the white stuff. It was pretty, but annoying none the less. My sister says it's sunny and 70 in CO right now. something is NOT right with this picture.

I have a new one for you all. Talk about a rural school setting, we had two students gut a deer in he parking lot this week. Before school! They had a good point- had they left the deer all day the blood would have soaked into the meat and ruined it. I'm impressed they managed to kill it and get it dressed and in the building by 8:15. They were only 15 minutes late. That's skill!

Have a good week everyone!

Kirstie said...

Can't write much... I just need to get this off my chest...

Before you decide that I am not doing my job... It would help if you took the time to know what my job is.

Yes, a teacher went to my PRINCIPAL to say that I am not working with enough individual students. No, she did not take the time to sit down with me to discuss the many new responsibilities I have been given this year that keep me from counseling individuals. And that not getting to work with as many individuals as last year is something that beat my self up for every day.

Hedy King said...

I hate it when people attack others without provocation or information.I especially hate it when it happens to a Gagglite. Did your principal tell you about this? and were you able to explain it? Or does it still lurk in the dark minds of the ignorant? I hope you laid it all out on the table for him/her/them. Individual counseling, for me, has taken a back seat to RTI, grades, discipline, classroom lessons, cafeteria/hall duty. Hang in, Sweetie, we are all right there with you.

Kirstie said...

My principal really backs me up and today at our staff meeting I pretty much laid out all of my current responsibilities and where my time goes. The ones who really listened to me already get it. The ones who didn't listen will never get it.

anna said...

So speaking of work related woes...shit is going down at the high school and I think I am pretty much getting thrown under the bus. It is a lovely feeling :) I figure at this point there is not much I can do about it so I am just going to keep doing my job and go along for the ride....or am I under the ride??? Anyway, I think things are going to get ugly before it is all said and done and I don't even care. Is it bad that I don't worry more about these things?? I just dont want stress in my life so I am trying to ignore it. I can surely find a job somewhere else if I need to next year. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I will surely enjoy my four day break. And seriously...we need to have a gaggle reunion sometime soon!