Sunday, November 29, 2009


IT'S SUNDAY NIGHT LADIES. Of course, it is. I only seem to settle down at the computer on Sunday evening, wishing I could talk to you all in person. Everyone's Thanksgiving has been put away in the memory box, leftovers fed to the dog, and maybe the Christmas tree put up already. Not here, but maybe at your house. Our Turkey day was wonderful; everyone was here and in good humor, the food was all edible and the Grinch won't show up till Christmas. I chose to eat early this year. Shawn's sister was in from Michigan and they had to eat with her family, too. But I got to choose what time. I decided eating early would ensure everyone would be hungry and I was right. They ate and ate, then crashed on the couch, beds and recliner. Caleb even took a nap!!! I love having sleeping kids in my house, it feels so cozy and safe to have them resting. Stephen King and I may have been the only ones with our eyes still open by 5:00. The daughters-in-law helped me straighten up before they left which made me happy:-)
The kids had no more than cleared the drive when I started coughing and haven't stopped yet! Sinus infection, I suppose. So I've been confined to the house all weekend. Hope to go to work tomorrow, as I need to decorate the office and lobby. And all the other reasons I should be there, of course.
Our football coach has been "asked" to resign by the Super and AD and I'm about to get myself into a twit over it, I think. He is a great teacher and a wonderful man, a true role model for the students, but hasn't had a winning season for awhile. And Valley being Valley, some want him gone. I am this man's friend, but more than that I know our school would be losing more than a coach if he left. Our mission statement is all about turning out productive citizens ready for the real world and doing everything for the "good of our students". Forcing him to resign flies in the face of our mission. We must teach our students that winning isn't everything, how you play IS important, being men of strong morals, caring, and honest is important also. This man represents all these characteristics and is homegrown and has a family in our town, kids in our school, a wife employed by our school. He doesn't want to leave. Small schools don't have great teams very often, this is not our time. Our other sports teams are not successful right now either, but our Band took 3rd at state! It was their time. Our time in football may come again, 20 years ago we went to state finals. In the meantime, we stand to lose two wonderful teachers, two talented individuals we cannot afford to lose. I am taking a stand for my friend by calling Board members, organizing student support and encouraging attendance at the deciding meeting. People are scared to step forward and are warning me to drop it. I cannot do that. Our kids, our school need to see caring people stand up and be heard, not just roll over. Am I doing the right thing here, Girls? Or getting ready to get my ass kicked?
I have almost all my Christmas gifts bought already!!! Yay for online shopping. Still haven't figured out how to beat the high costs of shipping to Australia, but I'm working on a solution. Now if I can wrap it all before 12/24, I'll be set. I hope to decorate a little more this year, too. Some years lately the tree was a last minute addition. I miss those days of being home all the time and getting everything done; decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping and loving every minute of it. Another life.
Well, this is the life I'm living now and I'd better get myself to bed so I can continue tomorrow. Our fall gagglefest was terrific, Ladies. I was so happy to spend good time together. I hope everyone can make the Winterfest! Take care and talk to me, Love.


Jill Tucker said...

one quick comment.....

you probably will get your ass kicked, but you are still doing the right thing.

some times the right thing just comes along with an ass-kicking.

stay strong.

Janelle said...

You go girl! Hedy, I have to say I have so much respect for you for standing up for this kind soul and all that he has done for the youth of your community. You are doing what is right. I'm with Jill...stay strong.

Just as a side note, I missed you guys terribly the evening of Gagglefest. I thought of you so much that night and missed seeing each of you. Please let me know the plans for Winterfest....not much can keep me from that one!!

Staci said...

We are a transforming bunch, Hedy...and my idea of a perfect high school is one that is ran on good ethics not good athletics!

Calling school board members=good.
Rallying students and parents= iffy

Maybe contact a few influential parents or former students and have them rally the troops in support. You could easily spearhead the faculty revolt.

Glad you all had a good time! If you haven't already heard, Carrie is pregnant w/ Newport #3. Very exciting!

Life is good in gay Pari...still the best job I could imagine! I am finding as of late that I am counseling more faculty than students, which in my opinion is even more job security. I am trying to figure out any type of loan forgiveness, why on earth did I take out so much $$ in loans??? Oh, well...I've got a great career and met all you wonderful folks...that's gotta be worth 30K...right?????

Hedy King said...

Thanks for your support, Ladies. I feel good about what we've done to support our friend and our school. We'll see what happens. Happy news about Carrie...another 5 years before she goes to work!!! :-) Fighting the flu here, think I'll live now, all week off, I'm ready to return Monday and wind up this puppy, 09 had its challenges for all. Love you, Girls.

Kirstie said...

We had our yearly "First day of snow/ice, should have had a delay, everyone griping all day" Freak out. The new super really stepped in it this time though and even sent home an "apology" letter. It really was bad but no major accidents.

Alison said...

IT'S A GIRL!! The Reinholt's finally have a girl!! Rex's brother, Tom and his wife Jill had a little baby girl SUnday morning. Her name is Abigail, no middle name so far.

Hedy, I think you're doing the right thing, too. It's so hard to keep good, young people just because they loose a few games. GO out on top, lady! Hope you're feeling better.

Sounds like the weather is going to get interesting. Everyone stay warm and safe!

Hope to see all of you at Winterfest!