Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hi Gals, for some reason, I cannot figure out, my blog has changed. I will work on designing a new one over break. Too much pink, maybe? This is our last week, we get out on Friday the 18th, Praise God for His mercy. Neighboring school go til the 23rd, I don't know or care why, I'm just thrilled we don't.
All my shopping is done, nothing wrapped or decorated, that waits for next week along with the baking and candy making.
I am much better, still a little lingering asthma, but I'm perking right along this weekend. We went to Gavin's pre-school program tonight, So sweet. He left his shirt on this year, didn't play air guitar or cry. All high points of last year's performance. He had a speaking part this year, a surprise for us, and did an excellent job. What a difference a year makes when you are five.
Shay turned 21 today, we celebrated last night with an Italian dinner. She is such a sweet young woman, just awhile ago she was a laughing little girl, how fast time goes. Girls, hold those days close to your hearts, don't hurry your kids to grow up, it happens in a flash of light. Treasure your time together.
Tomorrow night is our big Board meeting. He doesn't have the support of enough of the Board to defeat them, but he will not resign, they will have to fire him. My heart breaks at that, but we will be with him, standing strong for our friend. Education should not be political, it is not the place for favors and back-scratching, everyone looses when it becomes political. The chief penis is still not talking to me, but that's OK. I'll make him speak eventually, if only to fire me!!! Alison, I think this must be what you felt when you resigned from counseling. Such a heavy heart, filled with frustration, weighing me down. We all need this 2 week separation, maybe we can return with better spirits.
I'm in the classroom tomorrow with 8th graders, discussing their IDEAS results. Maybe I can encourage them all to be education warriors, fighting acceptance of injustice. Fighting for excellence and high expectations of everyone; students, teachers and administrators. Wouldn't that be nice?
Or maybe pioneers, finding a new future for education and humanity... Or how to say, "want fries with that?"
You all have a good week and I'll talk to you later. Love you all. Hedy


Staci said...

PRAYERS FOR CARRIE...Just got a text from Carrie that it is "not in God's plan for the Newport's to be a family of 5 right now." She has had a miscarriage. She seems to be handling it fairly well, but I know too well how it can weigh on your mind!

I drove through campus this weekend and decided that I really missed Grad School. One weekend a month everyone in my family had to make me a priority. That hasn't happened since July of 2007 and by God, I miss it! And I miss the wonderful friends I made. I even miss the antics of the trashy cohort!!

Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy our much needed break from reality!

A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hope your feeling better, and are able to enjoy your vacation time.

Stay warm!

Merry Christmas!

Blessings~ Kris

Kirstie said...

We have been at school for a semester!?!? It's strange, I can tell if it went fast or slow. Never the less. I have 1/2 a professional day friday then break. I will be coming back to one less administrator and some drama I think. But I will worry about that in January. Many many holiday celebrations and some relaxing to come. Maybe some Baby Mac preparations.

Merry Christmas.