Friday, February 18, 2011


I've spent a large portion of my day dealing with angry girls, heartbroken girls, weeping girls. Hormones run rampant in the middle school. I completely understand that. I understand that females will be at the mercy of hormones until the GREAT CHANGE OF LIFE. What I don't get is why females are so cruel to each other. Why can't we see that we are all in this together and need to be kind to each other? Why do we save our most evil words for other females? Why do we treat each other as enemies? Why, why, why? Try as I may, I cannot convince the girls to play nice with others. That will come with time, I suppose. I know my own friends are precious to me. Old school buddies have been through good times and bad together. New friends reap the bounty of wisdom gained as we grow older.
But I still remember the power friendship gave to girls, the power to betray confidences, to lie, and to exclude. I remember feeling lucky that I wasn't a victim of others when I was a kid. I witnessed the behavior of our Queen Bee and her power over so many of us. I remember the uneasy relief of watching someone else burn under her stinging words. I realize now that I just wasn't a threat to them! I was quiet, but not timid, I wasn't jealous of what they had, I didn't date from the same pool of guys. In truth they probably didn't even give my presence much thought at all. I was lucky.
We have dealt with Facebook drama all week and the worst of it comes from mean girls... mean-spirited girls who should know better. Who don't appear to care how much they hurt someone. Who stand in high school halls and spray ugly words for everyone to hear. Ugly lies about a person who used to be their friend. A friend who made the mistake of confiding secrets or fears to someone she thought of as a sister. A sister who would support and protect her secrets. Secrets which are now out there for the world to see and judge. How can one female do this to another? We are all sisters in this world and should be that support for each other, we should stand strong against the hurts and trials of the world. Instead we choose to force each other to stand alone. Oh my, I hope these girls grow up soon and learn to treasure each other.
One of my good friends, a part of my Gaggle, has faced a health threat this week. It has ended well, but the stress of "what if" was heavy. I thank God for His mercy and blessing on her. Scares such as this make us realize the truly important things in life. Best wishes, Sweetie, and a speedy recovery. This wonderful group of young women helped get me through grad school at an age when I should have been planning retirement, not a new career. Each of them has blessed me with her friendship and I cherish the opportunity of their friendships. I cannot wait for our next Gagglefest, Ladies.
The warmer weather has been such a welcomed relief this week. Hopefully, some of the awful germs will blow away with these wild winds we've been having. I've never seen such a winter for sickness, people suffer from yuck to yuck without a break. No one remains immune. Stephen King has had a cold for 2 weeks and is tired of it! No one suffers pain and illness quite like him, I'm sure. He truly hasn't been himself, too tired to even get out. He usually makes his daily rounds regardless of the weather, so I know he isn't well. Too many hours watching westerns just isn't healthy. He was going to help #3 son put up fence today, I hope he felt like it. I worry if he feels bad.
Our kiddos are doing OK this week other than the regular elementary school crud, Cabe has a stomach bug and Gavin is still sneezing. The girls are all good. Madeleine had a terrific check-up with her heart surgeon. X-rays couldn't look better! Wonderful news. She is getting her color back and has been playing outside after school with the neighborhood crowd. She loves that.
Courtney reports all is well in OZ, no flooding or cyclones in their area. She just complains of heat, something I cannt sympathize with this winter! She has her resident VISA now so will not be returning to the States for a long while. We will miss those visits every 90 days. That has been how we've accepted her moving to the other side of the world. It will be interesting to see how long the parents can survive without scheduling a flight downunder!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I'm looking forward to a little sunshine on my front porch.

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