Saturday, February 5, 2011

February-- The (hopefully) Shortest Month

Let's have a moment of silent prayer for this being the shortest, mildest February ever. I do believe the past 3 months have been a sufficient notice of Who is in charge. "We get it, God. We will straighten up down here, promise."
Whenever the weather grows harsh, natural disasters happen or civil strife breaks out in the world, there are those who claim the world is coming to an end. Maybe, maybe not... No one knows for sure, no one can stop it if so, but why take a chance? God has set before us a list of rules for living. Kind of a Renter's List. We haven't abided by the list for the most part; polluting His air, water, soil, wiping out species after species of His animal kingdom, anihilating each other for centuries over color, creed, and religion, having false gods, such as Money, failing to honor our parents, lusting after our neighbors' wife, car, house, the list goes on and on. Little wonder we get edgy whenever it snows, we know we have it coming! 

As a school kid in the 50s, I was so fearful of just about everything, but especially the End Of Time. I was certain each day might be our last. The Cold War years were a severe trial for me, WWIII would be an obvious way to end it all. Between my great-grandmother's fire and brimstone church and the nightly news, I cowered in bed each night praying for mercy.I was also terribly afraid of dogs, horses, carnival rides, but those are other stories.
As I've grown older and wiser, I've lost most of my fears. I can watch an electrical storm and feel confident I will not be struck by lightening. I can pet all dogs and horses without a racing heart. I've ridden more fast, spinning, dropping amusement park rides than I can count. I hate the idea of war and killing and human suffering, but I don't fear these things for myself anymore. I have faith that God knows my fate and will take care of me.  Fear is the greatest crippler in life.
As far as this wild, cold weather goes, weather is a never ending cycle, out of our control. The planet we reside upon is old, older than dirt, so to speak. It has seen it all. Nothing is new to this sphere; earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, volcanos, floods have all been part of her past and will be part of her future. Our response should be to jump in and aid those affected by disaster, not whining. But right now, I wish for Spring.

We tend to ignore the fact that people are animals. Unless one is exposed to children before a snowstorm!! They become squirrels dropping from the trees, deer caught in the headlights staring blankly in response to any comment made by an adult, wild horses running in herds up and down the halls. Our first whole week back in school in 2011 was a jungle. We had cat fights, dope smokers, and meltdowns aplenty, food fights, weepy jocks, suicide threats and a 5 year old pulling the fire a rainstorm. Yes, we were back to a normal 5day school week. Animals, for sure.
All in all I have laughed more than cried this week. As my son says, "you can't make this stuff up".  It happens, it is called life. I for one, wouldn't want to miss it. I wonder what I will be doing this time next year when I'm free. Will the house seem quiet and boring with just me and Stephen King? Can a few sheep and chickens replace 250 wild animals? I'm sure the Lord has His plans for my time, it will be interesting to find out what they are.

Gaggle, we just have to have a gathering this spring, I miss you all. I want to begin quilting in earnest this summer and make you all a miniature quilt to mark our friendship. My sister-in-law makes the most beautiful tiny  doll quilts for her grandchild that I would love to try. Time and patience, neither of which I have now. But soon.
Next week looks to be cold and wet in southern Hoosierland, hope you all stay safe and warm. Hedy

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