Wednesday, June 29, 2011

62-- If You Say It Fast, It's Not So Bad!

Hi, I've always been an optimistic, cup half-full person,but this aging thing has been trying me. I won't give in though, promise! I have too much to look forward to from this point. Stephen King and I are easing into retirement and being together much more than we have for 25 years. He is attempting to make it easy for me to get settled into our new lifestyle, but I sometimes get into his routine and mess up his schedule. ie: cleaning up after meals, his 4 pm TV watching.  He is a man of strong habits and has his method cut in stone, and I sometimes don't fit into my place! I can see him stop, process what is happening, try to adjust, and bend with the wind! Such a giant step for a man accustomed to having things his way! I think we will get along fine, even if the family has bets on how long before one of us moves out! hehehe.
As of now, Monday morning, we are leaving for Cape San Blas on Friday morning at 8:00. Nothing packed yet, we don't possess vaca clothes per se, just wear our regular things with the exception of swimsuits. We will include them, but it remains to be seen if they are worn. I'm a night time pool person and Stephen King doesn't care for pools or oceans, so they probably will not get out of the suitase. I did buy 2 pair of shorts for beach walking, my capris always end up wet. I am daring enough to take some tank tops and expose my fishbelly upper arms to the sun. Bystanders will be encouraged to look away! Between his white legs and my white arms, others may suffer blindness if they look directly at us! We love roadtrips and since he hasn't been to the area, Stephen King is anxious to get started. He told Stephen we would leave them behind if they weren't up and ready when we take off. Luckily we have hotel reservatons for Friday night and the kids can travel at their own speed. We like to stop and look around small towns along the way, something the kids usually don't do on the way down. It is more of a challenge to round up 3 or 4 kids and get back on the road than it is 2 old geezers! And the kiddos are seldom interested in antique shops or historical markers.
 Of course our garden is just coming on as we leave. Nina and Trent are put on harvest duty, I hope to have some green beans left to enjoy. The tomatoes, corn and peppers will be later so we will still have good stuff for August. This has proven to be a good garden season with all the rain and heat. Cabbage, broccoli and squash have tasted so good and fresh. I can give up meat during the summer without a doubt. Stephen King fried rabbit livers for his supper last night, I was happy with mashed potatoes and fresh garden cucumbers. Really, rabbit liver. Domestic bunnies, at that, as in Bugs Bunny and Peter Cottontail.  Kinda like eating Hank or the cat twins, Hunk n Zeke. But that's just me. :-)
Heard from two of my Gaggle this week, Jill is retiring!!! I hope to spend some time in roadtrip adventureland with her. Alison is experiencing another annoying health issue! Doctors assure her it is common and easily dealt with, but poor Al has heard that before. I wish for an overnight with my girls to talk and laugh and cry this stuff out. Maybe later in July. Take care, Alison, we all love you. 
Courtney has tested as a possible match for Mackenzie's transplant, but until the appointment on July 19 we won't really know the criteria for a match. Mack doesn't want to talk about it over vacation, so we won't. We are going to relax, laugh, swim, eat, shop, walk and see the sights. No serious, worrisome thoughts will be allowed. Sure it is denial, but what is wrong with that? We deal with issues and fears and threats everyday, we can take a couple of weeks off. I recommend it for everyone. Lighten up and live. Life is for our enjoyment and so much of our lives we do not take the time and conscious effort to enjoy it. God gave us the ability to experience joy, failing to do so is a shame. He wants His children to be happy. Enjoyment is not a sin. I want my kids and grandkids to remember the wonderful times we spent together, not how hard we worked.
Thursday is filled with appointments from the 7:30 AM dentist to the 9:45 doctor to the 2:00 haircut. I may be worn out on Friday morning, but I'll have teeth and good hair! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy a roadtrip. I can never sleep the night before. More than once, we have taken off in the middle of the night and driven straight through to our destination, unable to sleep, we might as well drive! Those days are in the past, now we leave a little later, stop often and get a room half way there. But the excitement of travel still remains.
I'll check in from the beach, Ladies. Wish you were here! Love

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