Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hi Ladies, another Saturday almost over. The weekends fly by, don't they? Our guys are building decks today around the pools at each house. Stephen King tries to keep up with his sons as they both try to stay a step ahead of the old man. It is heart-warming to watch them all look out for each other. Shawn and I took the littles to see KungFoo Panda, another 3D adventure. They aren't made for adults, my eyes feel pulled out of socket watching through those glasses and my stomach turns with each scene change. I don't think the rocking chair in the theater helps either. G-ma loves a rocker, but really now in a theater?
Our Jill lost her mother again this week. I say again because the loss came a few years ago when Alzheimers struck this lively lady. I remember Jill talking about the changes she was seeing, the confusion, the crankiness, the strange person showing up in her mom's place. I remember thinking that they were losing her a little each day. The last year has been very difficult for Jill, her sister and father, as their loved one has been replaced by someone who doesn't recognise them or even herself.
 My dad had several strokes in the years before he left us, and I thought then that my dad  was not my dad anymore. So much that made him unique was taken with each incident, by the time he suffered the big stroke which would take his life, there was . I supposed Jill felt the same about her mom. My mother has early onset Alzheimers now, good days and bad days, you never know what you are getting. Mom is pretty good most days, cannot remember the day before, but ready for a new one. But somedays she sits on the couch in her pajamas and stares. She refuses to do anything, fussing when you attempt to make her eat or move. She seems to be lost, looking inside for something she had, but has misplaced. I wonder if she is looking for Dad or herself, maybe. Oh, she loses things, too; jewelry, purses, books, hearing aides and the notebook we check-in on as we visit her. This was to help her keep track of who had been there. It has been in the exact same spot for nearly 2 years, but it is gone. We checked everywhere in the house, garage, yes, even the trash. No sign of the notebook. She swept her 3 day old hearing aid off the breakfast table with the toast crumbs, into her napkin, and shook it into the garbage disposal one morning this week. Mom has always been tidy to the point of washing your cup with your lips still drinking from it. Tidyness cooked her goose this time. My daughter-in-law picked the aid from the disposal in tiny pieces after Mom complained of a noise in it. We are losing Mom but cherish each minute with her now. Jill reminds us to do that.
The weather is finally blessing us with real spring days of late. I love 75 and sunny. And that is what we have had this week. Storms brewing tonight and hazy, hot and humid returning for the weekend, but I am grateful for these right now. I've had my first at-home all day day. And I cleaned bookshelves. Now that doesn't sound like much, but you haven't seen my book shelves, probably. Books, mail, cards, fabric, nail polish, meds, pencils, sea shells, stones?, pictures, water glasses, eye glasses, coffee cups. And a few stale Fritos. But how clean and neat they are now. why at this rate my entire house will be clean before I turn 75. How do we amass so much? Paper, paper everywhere,  I hate it. I think I will stop the mail delivery to our home, just cut it off before it gets here. Nip it in the bud! I read on a Kindle now, but still have books and more books, I overcame my magazine addiction(somewhat), but still they sneak in. I'm way behind in sending birthday cards, yet my sweet friends still honor me with their good wishes from Hallmark. We pay our bills online, still the utility companies send paper statements. Junk mail is trashed without opening, and the offers for weird items still fill our box. Paper, paper everywhere. OK, where was I?
Oh, by the way, it is now Tuesday evening and I have to run to the kitchen and pretend to be slaving over supper for Stephen King. He is at Trent's working on their new pool deck again. It is going to be such a nice addition to their home. He is much more conscientious about the daughters-in- law having finished products than he is for my projects, but that's fine. I am too, only the best for our girls, right?
  Only 16 days until this group heads south and I'm getting antsy, Ladies. Talk to me.

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Alison said...

Hey Gaggle! Hope you are all enjoying your summers so far.

I was sad to hear of Jill's mom's passing. I think you're right, Hedy, mourning starts when they slip away day by day. Rex's grandmother is inthe nursing home. She's just happy to be there but the internal monologue is totally gone. She blurts things she never would have said before. She would have been completely embarassed by anyone who said such things. We all laugh and go on but it's hard to watch her go each time we visit or have her home for Sunday lunch.

My summer has been hectic for sure, running to baseball most nights each week. Only one more week left though. Hard to believe! Jordan hit his first home run the other night clear over the center field fence! I've seen him do it in practice and it was so great to see him do it in a game finally! Trent is doing well, too, though no home runs yet. He really enjoys it and the camraderie of the team. He's turned into quite the social butterfly. I never would have pegged him for that one when he was younger!

My new job is going well. Quite a different pace and things to learn, but super exciting right now. We are launching a new website in the coming weeks. I'll be sure to let you know. Anna, Kirstie and Angela will have to keep us in mind for uniforms and gear for teams you or husbands may be involved with :) We are now an authorized Adidas dealer and are getting open with Asics next week as well. Lots of other options too. I'm so excited!

We're going to watch my nephew play t-ball tonight. He's just turned 5 and my brother is helping coach the team. That has to be quite a sight! I love how dedicated he is to his kids. It's really sweet. He's this big burly tough guy, but Westin and his little girl Taylor are the apples of his eye. I love that look of adoration on his face when they run up to him.

I'm finally feeling back to normal after surgery. I didn't really believe I wouldn't bounce back quicker than I have. I definitely pushed things and had to take some time off of my workouts and activities. It stinks being laid up! I'm not used to being tired all the time and not always going and doing. A true test of my patience for sure. I'm now easing back into things and feeling my energy level pick back up. At last! :)

can't wait for a summer Gaggle Fest! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.