Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello Ladies,
    I have always been a realist, perferring to know the facts and deal with any issue head on. But we received some news yeterday that has shaken us into wanting to hide from the truth. Stephen King's backaches are not from a pulled muscle afterall, he has bone cancer coming from lung cancer. Makes me want to crawl in a hole and cover my head, but that isn't going to happen here! We will follow the doctors' lead and fight this. It isn't curable, but they will treat it to stop progression and pain. Steve's general good health and strong body will help him fight this, as will his attitude. If ever anyone had an attitude...it is the Kings!

His take on this is that it sucks. But we have handled lots of things in our 45 years together; massive head injuries from a work accident, bone tumors, house fires, lupus, drug addicted kid, critically ill grandchildren, death of parents. Ahhh the list goes on, each seemed insurmountable in its time, but we made it successfully through each of them. This may have a different outcome, but we will deal with it in our usual way, day by day, step by step, head on. Reality sucks but it has to be dealt with, it doesn't go away. Steve said yesterday, "Another test. As long as it is strength, not smarts, I'm OK". Always has a smart remark, he has.

Please, send up your prayers, good thoughts, or positive vibes, whatever is your belief, for us. We will need support from all our friends with this one. Talk to me. Love

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