Friday, November 11, 2011


We have seemimgly been blessed, Stephen King has had very few side effects to his first chemo treatment. Some indigestion and jittery voice appear to be it. His session lasted 7 hours yesterday and will be repeated every 3 weeks for 6 treatments, so he is in for a long haul this winter. Actually we both were surprised at the ease we felt at the cancer center. The staff is wonderfully supportive without smothering the patients. The other patients are kind, respectful and quiet. Steve read alot, but couldn't nap because of the massive amount of steroids he had been given prior to treatment and the near constant need to empty his bladder! All that fluid has to be released. He was jittery and almost giggly from the steroids, which I quite enjoyed watching. Usually he isn't a giggly man!
It is now Friday morning and all is well. the only side effect is the jittery voice and a tendency to rattle on about anything. And everything. Courtney and I have been entertained by this especially during the evening. Stephen King does a running commentary on all the TV shows. He is a faithful Jon Stewart fan and apparently the steroids have increased his love for him. I cannot decide which is funnier; Jon talking about politics or Stephen King loudly and RAPIDLY repeating Jon talking about politics. Totally sarcasm squared!
We are maintaining the status quo here in the Valley, living as near a normal life as we can. Except I am more conscious of each day, each sunrise and sunset than I've ever been. We have been blessed by this and by each other and we really, really know it.
Thanks for all your loving support, Gaggle. Talk to me, Girls. I love you all.


Alison said...

We are so glad to hear that the treatment went well. I can only imagine how stressfull that must have been going into. Sounds like his commentary is a bit of comic relief for you :)

We finally have some answers as well. After yet another test, the Dr. finally determined that Rex' s gall bladder is not functioning correctly and will be removed very soon. Thank goodness we have an answer! He was starting to think he was going crazy and this was all psycho-somatic or something. He meets with the surgeon on Tuesday.

The boys both will be in their basketball seasons starting Monday. I've never had them both in a winter sport at the same time and honestly, not sure how I'm going to survive the chaos. We are in our busiest time of the year at work and I'm putting crazy hours there as well. I guess my house will get clean when they are all grown and gone.

Love and miss you all. Hugs and love to all.

Hedy King said...

ALISON, so happy to hear Rex has a diagnosis and one that is fixable! We will be thinking of him on Tuesday. My sister-in-law recently had hers removed and has bounced back very quickly. I know Rex will too, he is young and strong and very good lookin! :-)
Steve has had a very roughday today, didn't sleep last night and is weak and achy today. They told him he might feel as if he had the flu, he say it is worse!
And yes, Dear, your house will be clean then and it won't seem important. Enjoy the boys and shovel the house out once a month! Love

Alison said...

Surgery on Friday morning. Taking the blasted thing out. THe surgeon told him it's not working at all and since everyone's symptoms are different it's often difficult to diagnose. Go figure!

Hope Steve is feeling better & that is just a temporary side effect.

Saw Nina's post about the tornado. We were under the warning, but nothing happened up here. I know some things were damaged around Kokomo, but I haven't hear what exactly.

Happy Wednesday! XOXO

Julienne said...

Thank you for dropping by and deciding to stay awhile. I hope I can keep you entertained a bit and briefly take your mind of your worries at home. Sending a little prayer for your man. Tell him never to give up we have had some wonderful good luck stories in our town and if you read about Col you know we are going for another one. Will visit again soon J