Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another day, another side effect...

Hello Ladies,
      Stephen King is on a new treatment,  Alimta, and it is less devasting than the Taxol, but has its faults. He is weak as a cat, has trouble breathing and has a raging rash. But the pain in his back and chest has been abolished. He will probably have six of these treatments in the next four months, so it will be another long winter here. For me, the worse side effect is the depression which seems to have come with the Alimta. Steve has handled his diagnosis with his usual wry humor until lately. He is quiet, moody and quick to anger now. I cannot blame him, Heaven knows he has had his world cave in on him this year.
     On a happier note, Courtney flew home to surprise us on his first day of treatment. We have so enjoyed having her home. She has been a blessing to me and her dad. I've had cataract surgery on both eyes in the last two weeks and relied on Court for help. She has been our driver, chef and entertainment and we have loved every minute of it. She leaves on Saturday and we are sure to be in mourning for a few days after, I'm sure. OZ is so far from Indiana. But we've had a few family dinners, shopping days, doctor visits together to remember til we are together again. Thanksgiving at Trent and Nina's was wonderful, just wonderful. And we will have a big lasagna dinner before Courtney leaves with all our kiddos too. Have to make as many good memories as possible. Today we are having a "girls' lunch" at the Winery. I have to jump in the shower and get glammed up right now! If that is possible with a black eye, saggy skin and a head full of silver hair.
     My Gaggle of Girls is attempting a get-together on Saturday in Indy after I drop Court at the airport. I will need this to help get me through the sadness and I cannot wait to see all my girls again and meet a couple of new little goslings. Nothing like babies to raise the spirit.
     Talk to me, Hedy

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