Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Anniverary to Stephen King, 46 years ago the two of us married. So many memories have been made since then. Three kids, six grandchildren, each a blessing. So many ups and downs, mostly ups. So many challenges, mostly met. There is no other man I would have wanted to spend my life with and somehow I knew that the first time we spoke. I just wish I had taken notes along the way, no one would believe the trip we've had.
 Tomorrow is another doctor visit for Steve, checking on the rash from the chemo. He continues to be weak, but doesn't appear to have lost more weight. He was losing about 5 pounds a week following his treatments. The past week was difficult for him, my Uncle Bill, one of his best friends passed away. We have lost four family members this year and each visit to the funeral home seems to take a bigger piece of Steve. His own mortality being threatened, he suffers deeply at others' passings. The massacre in Connecticut was a senseless violent act which brought him and our nation to our knees. Steve cannot understand acts such as this against children, but who among us can? He has spoken of little else since Friday. I pull inside myself and keep silent, seeking Peace from faith in God.
Christmas shopping is finished, candy-making and baking this week, I'm hoping. I've learned not to write my plans in stone, but to bend like the willow. If the fudge and cookies get made, hurrah, if something else comes up demanding time and attention, so be it. I will not sweat the small stuff and baring breath and blood - it is all small stuff. Cancer teaches some lessons very well; you must change priorities to deal with it.
The Gagglefest was wonderful, fast and fun. Dex and Eden are perfect babies and I love them both to pieces. Seeing my grad girls was just what I needed, they are truly wonderful ladies. Mackenzie went along and had a good time listening to all our chatter and holding babies. My grandaughters growing up to become women like these would be a blessing. I could  proudly claim them all as daughters.
Stephen King plans for our boys to put a new metal roof on the house soon. A clay color like we put on the garage a few years ago. They will also rebuild the back porch and install a ramp. Maybe. I am hoping they aren't considering a deck instead of a covered porch. I want to maintain the bungalowe feeling of our house, not modernize it. But I may have a fight on my hands. We shall see.
Little is being accomplished around here, we go to doctor appointments, stay with Mom once or twice a week and attempt to keep the dirt out. We both are reading quite abit, but finding something to peak our interest is difficult. I find myself becoming more and more silent, not withdrawing but seeking strength. Take care. Talk to me. Bless us all.

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