Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time Flies, Are We Having Fun Yet?

Hello, what a long, dreary winter we are struggling through. Or maybe winter is always this way and I've just not had time to notice. The funny thing is this winter has flown by really, it is the minutes which feel long. I'm finding the days speed by in incredible flashes. I seem to be constantly getting out of bed to another day. Kinda like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day without the humor. Not much has been accomplished here, we just keep staying alive till Spring. Keeping a low profile, so we can bloom big when it warms up. ;-) .
Stephen King is back on chemo. His PetScan showed marked shrinkage in lung lesion and healing going on in the bones! He had a separate CatScan on his brain which revealed no lesions. We were so blessed by these findings, his lung cancer had never shown shrinkage before. He has fewer side effects with this round, a rash on chest and shoulders and the fatigue. Always the fatigue, he tires with any effort, walking, dressing, showering. It is frustrating for an active guy to be stopped by something out of his control.
Our mom has been ill since the first of the year, flu, pneumonia, anemia and much more confusion. I cannot describe the pain of watching a parent slip away. Jill, I know you understand what I am trying to say.  Mom is still here but not really, her little body houses a sweet little old soul that isn't Mom. One night last week, I slept with her and she held my hand whimpering all night long. I felt so helpless. Nothing I could do to help ease her pain and fear but hold on. But I knew I needed to be there holding on to her hand just as she has always been there holding mine throughout my life. I was so humbled to do this for her. Caring for her is almost a religious experience, I swear. Rubbing lotion into her feet each day feels like serving God. This is so emotional for all of those who are her caregivers; sons, daughters, daughters-in-law and sisters. Our family has been strengthened by this.
Stephen King and I are doing a mini makeover on the kitchen. The 70s decor and 80s appliances are leaving. I'm so excited to have a gas range again, love cooking on gas. And this one has 5 burners! Steve thinks that is 4 to many, based on my cooking lately. Truth is I haven't felt like Julia Child for awhile. Looking forward to being more creative. New side by side fridge too, with water and ice on the door. Our fridge was new the year our oldest graduated from high school 1985! It was time to put it out to pasture. Covering the marred gold vinyl floor with hickory hardwood too. The vinyl is worn off in the high traffic areas and the tacky black backing actually shows. I think it's time has come. Next up... Countertops, but Stephen King's heart and pocketbook have to recover for that. Poor guy thinks if its still works, keep it. This kitchen didn't work for me 12 years ago when we moved in and now I am completely over it. I'm thinking this is our last house, last kitchen, last major appliances so I think we need good solid ones. I still go with white, not stainless, simple basic add ons, no bells and whistles but do want a timer on the range and ice maker on the fridge. Actually this fridge, the 25 year old one, has an ice maker that has Never been hooked up. Heehee, I've hired a real plumber this time to connect the LP line and the water line. I will officially be in the 21st century with the rest of you now.
I'm sewing some lately, putting trim on a collage pillow I've made for my sister, finishing 2 quilts within the month for babies who have become toddlers waiting for me, and starting a wild quilt with Denyse Schmidt fabric for Mack and Maddie's bedroom. They are going from pinks to green and black  to perk up their new wicker dressers. Mack will be out and gone soon, but at 13 Maddie needs a more grown up look too.
Our Shay had a very bad case of mono this winter and is just getting back on her feet. The little boys are great, been enjoying some winter camping with their dads and having good years in 2nd and 3rd grade. Joe is looking to be released in August, hoping for a halfway house to avoid being back around his old friends. My daily prayers are for strength for him, he has taken part in an amazing program in prison and has high hopes of helping others overcome their demons. We all are looking forward to Spring, warm days and outside time.

Stay well and stand strong. Talk to me. Love, Hedy


Sue xx said...

Hallo Hedy and blessing to you all.
The great news from Steve's scans must be such a relief but then the sorrow you feel as you watch a beloved parent "slipping away" must be awful. I know you have your faith to support and other family to love and comfort you on this journey but please know that even strangers many miles away hold you in their hearts and thoughts and wish the best for you.

Sue xx said...

me again, I just got your message regarding the loss of Steve and my heart breaks for you all, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason with this disease but I know you will find comfort in your faith and in your memories of better times together.
Sending a big warm hug, will keep you all in my thoughts