Monday, March 10, 2008

"the best laid plans..."

Well, I guess that didn't work. I hope you all got together without me and had a wonderful time. I'm sorry to have missed it. Indiana weather is not to be messed with; I've never seen so much snow. BEAUTIFUL, thick, wet stuff and lots of it. I tried to give some away, but had no takers. Steve and I were home alone, but I wanted to make donuts and hot chocolate like I did when the kids were small. They called asking if I were making them. Whenever we had snow days, we always celebrated with homemade donuts and cocoa. Except for the winter it snowed for weeks and they didn't go to school any in January. Donuts, cocoa and kids got a little tiresome. That was the winter the boys would tie their sister to the sled and push her down the hill, under the barbed wire fence, betting on her missing the pond.

Yesterday was one of those amazing winter days when the sun is so bright and warm that you don't need a coat, but the ground is covered with snow. Even the little ones had on sunglasses against the glare. I even went to WalMart. Big mistake.

Just thinking that everything was bright and shiny did not mean WalMart was safe. Thousands of strange people having a reunion in the aisles. Don't they have homes or phones or email? I avoided all eye contact, so I wasn't trapped for long, but I will not go again, I swear. The Lost River Market is so much cosier and quieter and more interesting. I'm going to attempt to add a link to their website and to Alice's. Her recipes are great and she is a very cool lady. She sings with " Lick Creek" a local band made up of some old friends and runs the local farmers' market in the summer.

Shayla and I cooked supper for the family last night; she was a great help. She even made the caramel frosting for the birthday cake. We did the cooked kind that has only white sugar, brown sugar, butter and milk in it, no powdered sugar. My great grandma Daily taught me to make it when I was about 10 years old. It turns to crackly candy on top of the cake, yumyum. My boys both commented on how long it had been since we had had that kind. I am usually so rushed, I throw canned frosting on my cakes and add some coconut or nuts to fool them. We made fruit salad with frozen peaches, strawberries, grapes and fresh bananas; Mackenzie said, "I've waited all winter for this". I guess fruit salad is a summertime dessert. I do mostly pies and cobblers in the winter. We had Mexican chicken casserole and a big tossed salad, too. They all ask for this meal if I'm out of ideas.

Shay's parents have decided to send her back to school next year, after she graduates. She still qualifies and has done so well the last couple of years, her teachers think it would give her an extra edge. She isn't sure about this; she knows her friends won't be back in school and wonders what the other kids will think. We have always had concern for what her future would be. She wants a group home some of her older friends live in, but Trent and Nina are thinking of a small cottage on their land. Transportation is key, she may never be able to drive and if she does find employment would need a way to work. The group home is in town, close to everything. But that is what scares her parents. And grandparents. It is so difficult to let go.

My quilting came to an abrupt halt Saturday, had to reload the bobbin and couldn't see to rethread the needle. Another drawback to growing older. I have several blocks pieced and a few sewn together. I'm happy with it so far. I'm using my Seaside Rose fabric; lots of pinks, blues and greens in pale shades and lots of sandy beige. I may hide under it and pretend to be at the coast.

We took the middle school on a fieldtrip to Kentucky Center for the Arts today to see "The Giver". It was a nice outing; 3 hours on the road, 1 hour in the play. Do you just hate school busses? You would think they would change over the years; I swear these were the same as I took to school in the 50s, errr 60s. OK, both the 50s and 60s.

Have a good week, Gaggle, we will be on Spring Break soon. :-) Let me hear about your weekend. Hedy


Alison said...

Well, let's see if I can post this time. I have tried twice before only to lose it all. Third times the charm, on St. Patrick's day no less. We had a nice weekend together, however, Angela and Hedy were definitely missed a lot. I so enjoyed everyone's company. We really need to do that again soon. It was so great to see everyone, vent, and just laugh about silly things until the wee hours of the morning.

We are on break this week. Weather looks dispicable, but we hope to get out of the homeplace a few days and do something fun with the kids. I'm trying to plan a Disney trip for fall break next year. I hope it works out. Rex isn't really looking forward to it- says he has no interest in going to Florida, but promised he would do Disney once while the kids are young and will enjoy it. He doesnt care as long as I take care of all of the details and money... That's ok. I do have to say that their commercial about 1600 for a week is a bunch of crap though!!!! Oh well. I'm already looking forward to it.

Hope all is well with everyone else. I hope that your trip goes well, Hedy. Enjoy the beach.

Hedy King said...

It is great to hear from you, Alison. I was afraid you all had disbanded after the weekend when no one posted all week. I hate that we missed it, but it's great you all had a good visit. Maybe in the early summer we can plan another. I'm with Rex on Disney, too much hype and $$$. Sorry, I realize it is a national tradition, but I'm just not a themepark person. And I think that commercial is scary...the sound of thundering hoofs on a cloudy night, yikes. Enjoy your break, Al. Hedy

Jill said...

I agree about the damn commercial....I always think it sounds like death coming to rip you out of bed at night!!!

As far as Disney goes, Alison, all I have to say go girl!!! Hedy and Rex are wrong wrong wrong....Your kids will love it and so will you. Just plan well ahead....I've been there several times and would be happy to give you a few pointers!