Sunday, March 30, 2008


We had a marvelous time in Gulf Shores, bright, sunshiny days, clear, starry nights with a full moon glistening on the ocean. And then, a return to reality and dark, gloomy French Lick; my psyche may not survive the trauma. By 9:00 AM Saturday morning I had spoken to 5 parents, a law officer and a trucker with 336 flats of Florida strawberries flying north for me. Needless to say, I'm back. I'm cherishing my memories of warm breezes though; I wrapped them in a turquoise box, tied it with a pink ribbon and hid it from the world. I'll take it out whenever I'm desperate.

Apparently the trip did me good; my mom says I look 15 years younger. It is the tan, of course and the 16 pounds I've dropped. But it felt great to hear her say it. Fifteen years, wow, I'm still old enough to be Anna and Kirstie's mother, hehe.

Speaking of the young, you are moving in with David? When did we vote on this? Just because we approve of him, doesn't mean he can move in. I suppose he does meet all the requirements; he loves Anna and he'll make pretty babies. OK, he's in. House hunting, how fun, I wish I could help. Janelle's would be a great place for you, another goose close by. Is that far from Crawfordsville? I'm still location challenged by your area.

Alison's break sounds great, I always loved fence building with my boys, too. Work facilitates the best conversations, everyone seems so earnest and intent of doing a good job. I can only imagine the treasures the guys found along the road, Al. Scary. When is your next long break? We are just considering year-round school and I want to be well-informed on the dynamics. I am wondering about the athletic seasons and how they are managed.

What does Lady Avery think of her new cousin, Janelle? Does she look as much like Joey as Lady A did? It is great that there were no complications with this one. I bet Avery looks grown up now compared to the new one. When our Stephen was born, my little brother Robbie was a year old and seemed to grow ovenight into a real toddler. I cried for a week. Stephen soon caught up and passed him though. I hope these little ones will be close; cousins are great friends.

Poor Angela, why do some trips turn into roads to hell? At least tears still work on gentlemen. I once took my 3 to see my brother's family in Kentucky and had 2 flats on the way and the air-conditioner blew up on the way home. Ah, the good old days. I'm sure Abbie will handle the braces well AND the mean girls and their hateful comments. Her real friends will stand up for her, even at their young age. Abbie is still the same strong, outgoing, imaginative fairy princess she was before, she will be OK. She will mirror your acceptance, Angela, show her grace and determination. :-). Prayers and love, Lila.

Like Angela, I cannot believe break is over and tomorrow is the beginning of the last grading period. I've been a school all afternoon selling berries in the rain and then to Trent and Nina's for supper. My kids are so good, they know how much work these sales are for me. Little Gavin could not believe I didn't bring sand back from Alabama. He knows there is lots there, he said. He had to settle for trunks and tee shirts.
I have ordered a new program for an inservice. It is "No Complaints". All about making the changes in your school rather than bitching about them. I swear the staff needs something motivating, so I ordered the guidebook and bracelets. I'll hit the students if it works on the adults.

Prepare for a crazy week, Gaggle; everyone will be spastic after 13 days away. Take care. Hedy (the bronzed and beautiful version).


Kirstie said...

Anna, My Grandmother has a few rental houses in Lafayette and possibly a house for sale. All have been recently renovated... almost in "Flip this House" style.
Also, I am not sure what "pole dancing" you are referring to.

I now have my yellow kitchen. It makes the rest of the house look pretty drab so I guess we have to keep painting. Also... my sister and her supervisor at IUPUI agree that I have beautiful teeth. She didn't believe that I hadn't been to the dentist since well... lets just say it's been a while.

I babysat my niece Aubree for a couple of days while her mom was in FL... Don't get me started on that one.
Anyway, I took her to her first softball practice. For some reason I was sooo nervous for her. Maybe it was the girl 3 times her size on the same team. Maybe it was the fact that this is her first year and other girls have already played for 4 years and have already worked with professional coaches. Yes, Professional coaches for 9 year olds.
Pat tried to ask her what the most important part of playing was (he was going for "having fun"). Aubree said "keep your eye on the ball" and was ready to argue with Pat about which was more important. In the end, she had so much fun and of course she is a Warner... She's a natural.

Elaine said...

Hello all! I am glad to hear everyone (minus Anna) had a wonderful break. Anna, hang in there, your break will be here soon...

We traveled to Iowa for Easter...all of my sisters made it. A short get away, but it was fun and we took in the new Dr. Suess movie last Friday for the two older kiddos.

This is my last week home and I am don't want to go back, but as most of you have stated in your's the final stretch. I just have to keep telling myself that there is no Haute this summer and I (we all for that matter) can be home with family this summer.

Janelle, congrats on the new niece and glad to hear that all went well.

Alison, fixing and tearing down fences...Charlie and Jacob did that on Saturday...tis' the season. :-) Glad you had a nice two weeks. I spoke with Kelsie's bro on Saturday (it was Ashley's baby shower) and heard about her spring break destinations...

Angela, glad to hear that Abby is doing well and sorry about the travel issues. Traveling with kids can be a challenge at times. When we came home from Iowa (a 4 1/2 hour trip...not bad) on Easter Sunday, we had just turned onto the road we live on in Indiana and Lizzie decided to rid herself of her car sickness with Easter Chocolate candy...the gray interior and black carseat had a "nice" brown color and was oh, so nice. Charlie is thankful she decided not to do that three hours earlier in the drive.

A yellow kitchen sounds so nice and cheery Kirstie. I'm sure it makes you just want to be in your kitchen and cook all the time now. My drab kitchen needs something...

We are still waiting on an estimate for our house changes. I am being patient (sort of). Charlie and some of our neighbors did start taking down the forest around our house about two weeks ago...they took down 21 trees in a day an looks very different. Charlie thinks he's a pro logger now. It does give me some hope that some day, our house will be updated. We were originally told that March 1 would be the start date. That has come and gone.

Hedy, I'm so glad to hear you had a fabulous time. Keep that box close by...I know you'll need it for these end of the year crazy months this job entails. Hopefully, spring will be here soon.

Jill, how was French Lick?

Miss you all.

anna said...

So all the other counselors are at PowerSchool training this week...yes, of course, I was left I am manning the middle school and high school. How fun for me. Today did go by pretty fast since I was busy so I am hoping Friday comes very soon. I don't know how I will make it, but I assume I will. I can't wait for some time off!
Kirstie, Pat said you were trying to dance in Chicago but you were really drunk so it wasn't too pretty. I'm sure you were fabulous...he must have been drunk and couldn't see very well :) If any of your grandmothers houses are available around July/August, you must let me know!
Angela, it was good to here from you! I thought you may have forgotten about us! I'm glad Abby is doing well and Sam truly does lover her :)
Gaggle, please pray that I remain sane througout the rest of this week!

Alison said...

Anna, school has to be better than a PowerSchool training... trust me there. i like ps and all, but what can you do all week with that??? Today was crazy, though. I just figured it was becuase it was our first day back from having two weeks off.

I was pretty disappointed when i came in this morning. I ordered a bench and shelf for my office a few weeks ago and the one janitor told me he'd put it up for me last WEdnesday. As of today it's still proped up against the wall. I think I'll take my tools in tomorrow and do it myself like I was going to do. I hope I don't mess something up.

Your yellow kitchen sounds like a bit of sunshine, Kirstie. Funny how one little change can spiral a whole houseful of change very quickly.

Angela, I'm glad to hear that Abby continues to make progress, despite the new hardware. I'm sure it will lead to further strength and self confidence. she's experienced so much in her short years- the lessons are bound to make her stronger.

I'm so glad you got to go to Iowa, Elaine! How are your pregnant sisters these days? How exciting. We saw Horton yesterday to. It was funny. We all enjoyed it greatly on the dismal afternoon.

Hedy,I'm still jealous of your tan and wonderful sights, smells and memories of the shoreline. I am anxious for warmer weather and blue skies. It is very exciting to think that summer is just around the corner. I know these next 9 weeks are gong to fly.

I signed Trent up for Kindergarten today. I cried most of the way home. I can't believe he's going to school already. When did this happen? I haven't even taken him yet and I'm already babbling on about it. ohwell. fun times to come. have a great week everyone.

Elaine said...

Guess what everyone?...I finally got my diploma from ISU yesterday...yes, it's official I am a graduate of ISU. My husband was starting to worry about if I really did go to ISU the last 2 1/2 years or if I was just leaving him once a month and during the summer months to party.

Staci said...

Carrie & I had dinner last night at Mogger's. It was nice to catch up, even though we live in the same town, there never seems to be enough time. She is scheduled to deliver baby Evan or Mia on June 4th @ 5a.m. She is looking really cute and Jack is adorable!!!
I have recently joined a bunco (we prefer to call it Drunko) group with Mellissa, my scary friend (Mandy) and 5 other women. She is doing well, but not loving her job quite as much as I am =(...

We recently had Jadelin tested for ADD at her teacher's request. I took her to a psychologist rather than going through the school. Turns out her "high Q" (as Jadelin refers to it) is in the superior range, there was a slight deficit in her auditory attention, not enough to classify her. He suggested that we simply light a fire under her. She is so good natured and lovable that she is never in need of discipline, so when I get on her about her grades she gets very emotional. The doctor said one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is not wanting to make their kids feel uncomfortable. So IT'S ON at my house!!! I have been given the green light to be Mommy Dearest!

My part time wedding business has landed 9 wedding for the year, 2 june, 1 july, 2 august, 3 september, 1 november...what the hell am I thinking?

I love hearing about everyone's daily adventures! Take care!

Hedy King said...

Staci, great to hear from you. I'm glad the new hasn't worn off the job yet. I think the glow may be gone for many; for me it just gets easier to assume I'm crazy and go on.
I'm happy to hear an update on Carrie, too. I like her name choices. Hope all goes well there.
Tell Mellissa "hello" and invite her to drop us a line here. I miss visiting with Mellissa, I think we bonded early in the program; both scared to death.
Take the bull by the horns with Little Miss High Q, I agree that parents overprotect their kids sometimes. It seems it is either all or nothing when parenting anymore. No one is just middle of the road, maybe that went out with "The Beaver" and Wally.
If I ever get married again, you are my planner. Where do you get the ambition, Girl?
Elaine, I still don't have my license or my mentor. Enjoy this last week at home with the girls.
Kirstie, my kitchen is yellow, too with white and red accents. Cheerio! Of course, everything else in my house is taupe, blah.

Janelle said...

Calling all mothers! I need help with my child!!!! Here's her latest trick and if I don't get it stopped ASAP, I am certain to pull out my hair. So this is what Brian, I mean Avery, is doing....She takes a drink from her sippy, holds it in her mouth and then spits it back out with more force than a water hose. She is constantly soaked all over her face and is disgusting. I tried not to laugh, but the first time was pretty funny.....I know that's my problem, I laughed the first time she did it! Any suggestions????

Another reason that Miss Avery will not be getting close to her cousin Bella until she is at least 2!

Staci said...

I don't know that I am fit for advice: #1`Almost ADD, turns out just lazy; #2 Behavioral Therapist at the age of 2; #3Fairly certain he will still be pooping his pants in the third grade.

Ignoring in would be the first step, or a nice tap on the very source of the blow hole (I am not suggesting abuse, but merely an "impact lesson" as my father calls it.)

Gotta go, the boys are squirting each other with the sprayer from the sink.