Monday, February 16, 2009

A Gaggle-fest

Hope everyone is enjoying a sunny winter day off; our school had a make-up day today, but I stayed home and nursed a headache. Just tired I think, lupus has been flaring up some lately. But I'm sitting here drinking grape juice and eating Ruffles, feeling better. Maybe it's my diet? It is a cold, lovely day, only 30 but bright and sunny. I cannot wait for warm days; just a bit longer til Spring Break

and The SailFish. That is the name of our house on Dauphin Island this year. It is on the beach and is decorated in turquoise and white. Loverly. Anyone else going on Break this year? I do hope so.

We'll get together in Lafayette on Saturday, right? I will reserve a couple of rooms today and let you know which hotel. Kirstie, do you have any sisters working in the lodging industry now? I'll look online for something roomy with nice bathrooms. Courtney and I will probably drive up early that morning and meet you all at the hotel, since I know nothing of the area. Definitely Cracker Barrel for Sunday breakfast, Angela are you ready for the spill of OJ or milk or coffee? Wear something old, Sweetie. Maybe that is just a thing with waitresses in the Haute.

Stacy and Carrie, want to join us? You are welcome to if it is possible to get away. It will just be talking, eating and maybe a little shopping, but I can guarantee a great time. We would love to see you both. Oh, there may be wine involved.

I made the best banana pudding tonight with peanut butter Girl Scout cookies, the recipe in Southern Living called for Nutter Butter cookies, but I had 30 boxes of GS so I used those. Yummy, yum. I only allowed myself a small dish, but I wallowed in it. Of course tomorrow it may not be good after a night in the fridge, but was Heaven.

I am cooking so much more this winter than I have in awhile, having someone else here makes a difference. Poor Stephen King will go back to cereal and salads when Courtney leaves for down under. That is Mar. 10 ,not very long now. I look towards that day with excitement and dread. What a wonderful adventure for her and yet, that is so far from home. She has started a blog "Courtney's Letters Home" to share her adventures with everyone. But I imagine we will be calling just to hear her voice. MotherGoose/MotherHen, whatever.

My Madeleine starts gymnastics this week, finally got Momma's OK. We are so excited, it is going to be our special time together with supper afterward. I know Maddie will love the action, she is a monkey, climbing anything in her path. I'm alittle concerned about the routines, she isn't used to being in a structured playtime. I'm hoping this will help develop her speech, there is a tie-in between motor skills and language. You can see the thoughts fighting to get out of her head sometimes, breaks my heart. She is such a sweetie-pie. I think of Abbie; so smart and vocal, yet struggling with motor skills. No one said life is fair, I know, but we keep looking for the next answer, don't we, anything to help our babies.

Any leads on the job scene for next year, Anna? Are your administrators concerned about consolidation? Ours appears to be, but I think he'd be a shoo-in for county super, if it comes. Who knows, Mitch has moved other mountains. I just want an alternative school in our county for those kids unable to make it in public school. Our number grows and grows. Dysfunction seems to be rampant in homes, schools and communities. We lost another young one to drugs this weekend. What to do? Who to speak to? Where to start? I've been fighting this since the eighties without making a dent in the numbers being hurt by drugs. Each month I read DFC repports of families torn apart, kids abused, even killed because of the hold drugs have on them, what is the answer. I'm afraid I'll never see the end of them. If only everyone could see the life beyond drugs; the ease and peace their lives could have then, but I guess they can only see as far as the next fix. Poor souls looking for happiness in an empty promise.

Stephen King is watching "Forest Gump" again. How many times??? He laughs and cries in the exact same spot each time. The old softie, gotta love him.

See you all on Saturday. Cannot wait. Love and peace, Hedy


Kirstie said...

I have no sisters in the Hotel biz anymore. One works at the Lafayette Brewing Co. downtown though. I do plan on spending the night. I enjoyed eating in last time but I am up for whatever. What time are we meeting up on Saturday. I think I am going to do some running around while I am up there.

Anyone going to Counselor Day on Campus... I am.

Alison said...

I am so excited. I will probably stay as well, but I need to talk with Rex. Not sure what's going on for sure. Right now I'm in. anxiously awaiting final plans!

Jill Tucker said... whoever is doing it....

i did some checking, and i think the Marriott Townplace Suites would be a good place. It is right behind Cracker Barrel!!! lol

Seriously, the prices at some of the others were pretty high, and 6 can sleep at the Marriott. Anyway, Hedy, Anna, whomever,
just let us know where. I am excited, and if there is room, I will stay also. Oh, and even though Angela can't come Saturday, I think she is up for having some food spilled on her on Sunday at breakfast!

Hedy King said...

Thanks Jill, I was looking for the right place and these suites looked OK to me. I'll book them today and let everyone know. I mean how can behind Cracker Barrel be wrong?

Hedy King said...

Me again. 2 rooms booked at the Marriott HomeSuites off 65/26 behind the Cracker Barrel. I plan on being there before 2:00. There are kitchens in these rooms, we can order in and have a cosy meal, if you all want. I'm bringing some of French Lick's best vine and bread to get us started. Love

Jill Tucker said...

Yeah Hedy!!!

Kirstie said...

I will be there around 4:00, Maybe earlier. I just have some things to do. It sounds like "show up any time after 2:00" is fine. I will bring an appitizer to go with the wine.

Jill Tucker said...

Just a thought....I hate being bossy.....just making a many people are spending the night? If there are not more than 6, is it possible to get a 2-bedroom suite that sleeps 6 instead of 2 rooms? I don't have to stay the night because I only live like 10 minutes from there. Have you heard from Al or Elaine?

Elaine said...

Hey all...I'm planning on coming so long as the weather allows me to, but I won't be staying the night; Jacob's school has a breakfast fundraiser on Sunday. I wasn't thinking when I said the 21st and 22nd would work - sorry guys.

Just wondering if anyone is keeping up on the weather does not sound too good at least until through noon tomorrow. Sorry, I'm really not trying to be a party pooper...maybe the weather won't be a big deal...but I worry about Hedy and Courntey and Kirstie possibly driving up through it.

Miss you all!

Hedy King said...

So good to hear from Elaine, I have been watching the weather, Steve says to go for it, but I might not trust his opinion. I'll check again before leaving tomorrow. Everyone be safe. Hedy

Alison said...

I am planning on staying as well- weather permitting. I don' t have to stay though, I could go on home to morrow night. i think it wil be ok, we are inthe 6-10 category here to the north, so it shouldn't be as bad in Lafayette, right? I hoping anyway. Rex is going to the IU Purdue game in W Lafayette tomorrow afternoon too, but I know he would go regardless the road conditions, even though IU probably won't do well... Looking forward to it!!!

anna said...

I plan on staying...of course I don't have to as well either since I live in Laffy now. I don't think there would be more than 6, Hedy, Courtney, Kirstie, Jill, Alison...that's it right??? Anyway, whatever you girls decide. I don't understand why the weather can't agree with our get togethers...ugh!