Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy....

I really wanted to post this in yellow to symbolize the sunshine day we have enjoyed here today, but yellow is a no show on white background and changing background is another little thing I'm not sure of. So GREEN, lovely Spring GREEN. I have to tell everyone that Tucker finally came through on her multi-year promise to stop by and see me while they were visiting at the casino. We had lunch today at Sinclairs, a ritzy dining establishment inside the West Baden Resort. You know the 8th Wonder of the World with the Dome? It was just great to see Jill and meet Craig and their friend Connie. I took Courtney with me, Stephen King went rabbit hunting, and of course she loved Jill. Who doesn't?? Except for... but that's over, right? Jill's Dad wouldn't leave the Casino to come eat, rather like Mr. King in personality, I'd guess. Anyway, I'd love it if all of the Gaggle could visit our scenic area and meet my family. They really exist and are sweet people. I think ;-) But I will come north on the 21st because of my overwhelming desire to cuddle Miss Olivia and see the rest of you birds.
Has everyone seen the pix of our lovely Little Livy? Such a pretty girl, she is a perfect fit into that family, eh? Your daughters are beautiful, Janelle.
Angela, what is the news on Abby? Still progressing well? She's in my prayers and praises daily. How's the job situation?
And Elaine, what's up with you and yours? Is Little Anna still doing well with the PT? Isn't it amazing how quickly therapy can bring things right? Can't wait to see you.
I'm always thrilled to hear from the younguns, Anna and Kirstie, keep Mothergoose appraised of what's new in your lives. I worry when you two are quiet. Hehehe.
Did Trent and Jordan get to see the sun today, Allison? I love it that we can check in on FaceBook, too. Of course I'm not the typical face there and just wanted it to view the pictures of the baby. I was so surprised at the number of people I knew on there. Always the last to know, once again.
Gotta go, Ladies. I'm so tired I cannot see straight. My kiddos just left, Madeleine and I watched gymnastic videos, she's enrolling this week. Caleb performed as we searched for practice instructions and everyone else watched the Grammys in the other room. That's where Cabe was getting his clues from.
Have a peaceful week, love to all.


Jill Tucker said...

this is a test

Jill Tucker said...

Yeah!!! It worked!!! I wrote a whole, long thing earlier, then couldn't get my stupid password to work!!!

Had a great time seeing Hedy. I swear, I have met Courtnet before. You ladies will love her!!! She is a girl with some spunk.

Hope you are all doing well. Had the flu last week; still trying to recover. Left a boatload of money for Hedy to spend. Gotta quit doing that!!!

Is the 21st a definite? I must have missed that somehow. Somebody please let me know what is going on.....I think I am losing it!!!

Congrats to the new Hardebeck baby....what a sweet sweet thing!!!

Talk to you soon. Supposed to be working.

Kirstie said...

Janelle, I met someone who knows you. I think her name is Theresa, works for Harmony? She is training us. She said she was from Benton so I figured you knew her.

Hedy King said...

Janelle, could you measure the girls around their foreheads for me? No, I'm not knitting booties! Hope all is well this week. Love

Janelle said...

Kirstie...I love Teresa! Hopefully, the training is going well...she is really awesome! We've known each other since we were little and have worked together the past few years. She is a huge help with tech support. She's an incredible photographer too...actually she took the picture of Avery on here. She's coming over next week to take pics of Olivia.

Ok, Hedy...I'll measure Avery tomorrow, but I know that Olivia's head is 14 inches....yeah, just think about that ladies....14 inches....ouch! I know, TMI! I am so curious, Hedy!!

Alright, so do we have any definite plans for the 21st yet?

anna said...

Yes...we have to see each other on the 21st!!!

Jill Tucker said...

ok ladies...the 21st is less than a week away...what is up???

anna said...

Ok...since Hedy is willing to make her way up we want to stay in Lafayette??? Does anyone want to stay the night or are we just hanging out for the day? I know mamma Janelle can't but anyone else??? I would be willing to stay...the more time with you all the better? Hedy do you and Courtney want to stay somewhere? Let me know how many of you and I can book a room or two for us all. We can go out to dinner or bring stuff in or order pizzas...also going to cracker barrel the next morning is a long gaggle tradition :) Ok...let me know!

Janelle said...

Hedy.....just thought to measure Ave's head...19.5 inches! Sorry it took this tired, mindless mama a couple extra days!!

Count me in for this weekend...obviously, I'm not staying, but I will be there. I would even be willing to come back in to meet you for breakfast. I'll have Olivia with me so that Brian can have some "Avery time."

Let me know if I can book you guys a hotel's not like I'm working during the day!!! :)