Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun Time

The weekend was such a good time, I'm glad everyone could make it ( Angela we missed you). After conquering the weather, I don't see how you all stand such cold, long winters and that wind was impossible. My, oh my. Our hills break alot of the bad blows, I reckon. But it was worth it just to hold Baby Olivia. You forget just how unbelievable soft babies are when yours are 4/5 years old. I miss babies. And rocking them. The walking the floor, I do not miss. And Janelle with all that baby belly gone already? Good work, Girlie. I hope the trouble on Sunday is easing and the kiddos are being served by someone. A loss in the life of a broken kid can really take its toll. I'm sure you were a great comfort to them. Sorry we missed Lady A at breakfast though. The WaterPark in late spring might be another gathering? They open Mar. 25.

I'm writing on my lunch break from zoo duties. Is every other school crazy this week? We just had to separate a couple of 6th graders in the throes of love. Making out in the hall at 11 years old. I cannot wait to make those calls home; just how will a parent respond to the news? The teachers are blaming my sex ed class from last month on the "turn on". Hehehe. Like kids need an inspiration. Oh, gotta run. Someone has written nasty words in the girls' restroom...again. Last week it was a"$5 Footlong" drawing. I cannot even repeat what they wrote this time. My word, maybe education should start before 6th grade. I hope this was left by high schoolers not one of mine. I'm way too old for this stuff.

Madeleine has gymnastics tonight, can't wait to watch. She is such a monkey. I'm afraid her communication skills have hit a plateau right now, she seems more quiet than usual. I keep praying for that wall to break and Maddie to talk a blue streak. I know the wall doesn't exist and she has to build her communication skills, but a grandma will dream. We just want the best lives for our kids; all our chicks to be happy and healthy.

The dream around here is of Spring Break and our house on the beach. The ladies are counting down the days and posting weather reports of our coastal paradise. I highly recommend an all ladies vacation. I love traveling with Stephen King, but with friends you don't have to make sure everyone is happy and fed and dressed appropriately. And no one stands behind you huffing under his breath when you just sit and stare at the ocean, or eat breakfast at noon, or read for 15 hours. An all girl trip is just different, not better, necessarily.
My sister is in Florida with a friend and keeps texting the temperature to me. I'm about to cry, I like 78 degrees, too. Ah, only 23 more days and I'll have it all; sunshine, ocean breezes and peace. Priceless.

I trust the rest of the week will be good to everyone. Stay safe and warm. Love, Hedy


Alison said...

Ok girls, I met with my mentor yesterday. Finally printed out the handbook and read it thuroughly. This is a major pain in the ass!!!! I know how I will be spending my spring break. The whole thing has to be in by May 1, so I guess I'd better get started. Survey monkey, here I come!

Hedy King said...

I prefer the "don't ask, don't tell" school of thought. Now I finally have reason to be happy I'm not certified. Everyone else; you've been warned.

anna said...

I'm pretty sure a lot of my portfolio is going to be made up. I mean the activites were actually done but all the data??? Pre and post tests??? Yeah I don't think so. Does it not remind you of the busy bullshit work from our entire time at Indiana State??? Ok...I'm done with that tangent.

Yesterday we were in the mall and Brett stopped at a jewelry store and asked in general which rings I liked...I pointed them out briefly and he asked if carat or clarity was more important so I told him and he said ok...he was very non-chalant about the whole situation...sneaky. It was exciting to at least know he is thinking about it! AND his brother moved his wedding date up to August so even if it has to be after that it is still sooner than I expected!!!

Alison said...

YAY Anna!!! How exciting for you! I look forward to meeting him. Maybe we can have a spouses/other half gaggle reunion next?

Sorry about my previous post. didn't mean to bring anyone down, just was in a funk. My mentor did say the activities didn't have to be successful, but it is going to be a lot of made up stuff. I have to say I havent used many pre and post tests...

Have a great week everyone!!!

Jill Tucker said...

Woo Hoo Anna!!! Once again, as I read your posts, I think I am glad I don't have a job in counseling. I can't imagine doing more bullshit than necessary!!!

Kirstie said...

If anyone is going to be in my neck of the woods... Pat and I are having a St. Patricks Day party March 14.

I survived my first Deposition as a counselor. It was pretty much what I expected but I was still nervous.

I don't know about you at other levels but our 3-5 Applied Skills ISTEP- Math was a killer. We are all stunned. Our students were not prepared for this. Anyone else?