Monday, March 2, 2009

Could It Get Any Better Than This?

I don't know about the rest of the world, but this is the week I live for... basketball sectional "spirit week" and ISTEP. An educational dream. Today was Jersey and Jeans day, pretty mild attire. Just wait for Wacky Wednesday and Pajama Day, now, that's when I want to be in a small room with 8th graders attempting to answer questions on "slope intercept" and "the narrator's unstated message" . Yes ma'am. Sign me up. Well, if we had wanted boring we'd have joined the military, right? I'd rather explain to a 14 year old that you have to convert before comparing inches and feet in cubic terms. Or that all the money taken in is not profit, someone has to pay for the damned materials. And of course, answering the most important query of the day, "Do we get snacks?" The one saving grace is a professional development 1/2 day thrown in the middle of this week. Shoot me now.

And how was your Monday, Ladies?

Anna, that is wonderful news or near news! Hope no students were lurking near the jewelry store, you know how rumors spread. A wedding will send them into outer space. I'm so happy for you; finding your other half is right up there with chocolate. I know Stephen King has made my life so much happier than anyone else could have. Together we have overcome obstacles, and dodged many bullets which would have broken other couples. Sharing the highs and lows of life with someone makes you strong and your love stronger. It is so exciting to be and the start of your life together. Bless you both.

Twenty questions??
Are everyone's kiddos OK this week?
Lady A and Baby Olivia becoming more settled?
No ER visits for Jordan and Trenton lately?
That seems to be a turn around for them, maybe they've broken the curse, Allison.
Is Abbie still showing improvement with the increase in meds?
Is Sam still into the alligators? Crocs?
How is therapy going for Annie? Is that something you and Lizzie and Jacob help her do? I think it would be great if the big kids could be part of it, don't you? I know we all would turn Joseph's feet in whenever we sat down to play with him. (my nephew who had splayed ankles)
Any signs of life in Andrew? good grades? doing laundry? cooking?
Mine is leaving next Tuesday; we may have to sedate her father. I'm resolved that she will be happy and safe. What else can we ask? I will miss her though, she's lived with us these last 5 months and it has been so fun. Now I'm alone with Stephen King again.

I think FaceBook is a little creepy; like you need to close the blinds, so many people are waiting to see (hear) what you're doing. Really, Jill, think before posting any kind of scores or quiz results. Tiger? I'm more Dead Horse. And FaceBook hasn't helped us find homes for those dogs!!! Did you all see Court's posting of Hank's pix? Mule ears, I telling you. I don't know what Stephen King will do if she doesn't find someplace for them, but I do know I'm the one who will have to hear him griping about them til she gets back.

I've been reading some of Susan Corso's stuff lately. She is a counselor, spiritualist?? Interesting thoughts on personal responsibility, blaming and accountability. Written in layman's terms, too. Not so bizarre or academic. Her "God's Dictionary" is enlightening. But so many people are putting their thoughts out there that it all begins to sound the same. My Trent reads Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama, both favorite's of mine, but sometimes too
d-e-e-p to grasp. This lady is more American in her thinking, I suppose. We tend not to embellish as much as the Eastern writers do.

I sometimes get as much from reading blogs as text from "authorities". One in particular is wondefully interesting and informative. Written by a lady in Australia about how to live a green life. She and her husband are retired and live a busy life of gardening, perserving and making-do. The photos are great, I love her chooks and dogs. And she shares recipes and knitting patterns and lots of wisdom. Her sons are grown, but show up for advice and supper every so often. Several of my friends are reading her now, as well as my kids.
I still love the decorating blogs and crave new furniture, a redone kitchen and bath and my own beach house, but the real stuff is where I look most often. Never too old to learn.

Have a glorious week inspite of the DOE, Ladies. Love, Hedy


Staci said...

I am thankful for my Indiana State education b/c I met all of you wonderful people...but as I read your entries I have never been more elated to be working in Illinois!!!!!!!! No ISTEP, no portfolio, just some silly test and 16 CPDU's per year...Lovin' the land of Lincoln ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny, every evening on my way home I pass a gaggle of white geese that are calling an unplowed corn field their home...I think of you all each evening=)

Hedy King said...

So, Staci, what does Illinois use for accountability? Any assessment making more sense than ISTEP? You would not believe the questions on the sucker this time. Asking 7th graders to explain the differences between Hindu and Buddism? Requiring 8th graders to determine which quotation from Walt Disney and other Americans most exemplifies your moral code. Please. Counselor Talk has been burning with outrage from counselors. At least now they aren't whining about their jobs. hehehe.
The geese you see are our guardian angels trying to escape the land of Mitch, I bet. Only 2 more weeks til break. PTL. Hedy