Sunday, March 8, 2009

GQE? Anyone? Anyone?

I trust everyone survived Step 1 of the Great Spring ISTEP Experiment? It was pretty intense for our kids; many of the top students were unable to complete the Math portion. Some of the English/Language Arts were grade appropriate, but some were more suited for college freshmen. My 504 kids took all the time they could and I feel they all tried very hard. Our Special Ed kiddos were lost from the getgo; writing about cats and dogs, rather than how to seek career resources. I'd like to speak with the people grading those and explain that they read at 1st and 2nd grade level, if they can read at all. I realize everyone has the same stories of your own students, but it just breaks my heart to see them struggle in vain. You cannot get blood from a turnip.

Tomorrow we start the GQE, of course, which is really stressful. Our second and third time testers have either given up or cannot sit still. A roughweek ahead. There must be a better way to assess learning.

Oh, here come my kiddos, ready for supper; white chili, fruit tray, lemon bars and key lime cheesecake. Talk more later.

Friday was Mackenzie's 15th birthday so we celebrated tonight along with a going away party for Courtney. Those 15 years have flown by; you think your kids will be little forever but that time flies. I was the first to see Kenz's red curls as her head crowned during birth and she's been my special angel ever since. We speak the same language, without words. I thank God for her everyday and pray He will give her a healthy long life. She is bright and caring, while spoiled and self-centered! A regular teen in many ways, wise beyond her years in others. She worries about her health too much and doesn't sleep well, afraid, I think, that something might happen during the night. Kenz has a wicked sense of humor like her Dad and smiles all the time. Her brother and sister love and look up to her even though they torment her constantly. She loves God and proudly wears her crosses, uses PTL as her favorite response and calls out the kids who swear around her.

Courtney is packed and ready to go on her walkabout downunder. She has relented and is taking a suitcase plus carry-on, not just carry-on. She plans on being gone up to a year, she has a 12 month Visa. Please, add her to your prayers and her parents. I think I'll be fine as soon as I know she is safely there. I don't like flying. What were the Wright brothers thinking? God didn't give us wings for good reason. I hope you all will check out her blog.

I'm gonna make one more sweep of the house and head to bed, that lost hour last night is catching up with me.
Kirstie, you did fine, do not let them intimidate you into crossing the line. Call anytime. I'm always here for you, Sweetie.

Have a pleasant week, Ladies. I'm counting down to the 20th and hanging on. Love you all.


Janelle said...

Hey Hedy...just thinking about you today. I think today is the day that Courtney leaves on her big adventure. Hope you are doing okay and we will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers for safe travel and peace of mind for mom and dad!! Also, could you post her blog site so we can keep up to date on her adventures? Hang in there!

Alison said...

Good thoughts coming your way! Hope Courtney gets off ok. I'm thinking of you all! Would love to see her blog.

GQE is here, will finish up tomorrow, I hope. if we don't all have to build arks to stay afloat. delay this am due to flooding and probably the rest of the week as well. Hope all are safe and dry. Thinking of you all. Love and miss you!!!!

Hedy King said...

Courtney arrived in Brisbane after nearly 24 hours in the air. Today is her 34th birthday, although in Australia that was yesterday, which Stephen King cannot quite wrap his brain around! Her blog is She will be posting pix of the area and her travels soon. Right now she is adjusting, I believe. She declares herself happy, rested and warm! Lucky girl. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers for her safe arrival and my sanity. Love you all.