Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lila Here

I'm feeling very Lila today, must be spring. Or just Abbie's Hello message yesterday; I've easily influenced. Thanks for reminding me of my alter-ego, Sweetie, I seldom let her out in public, this week, I will. I'm for sure taking her along to Dauphin Island with me on Friday.
This week, once again, I've realized how blessed my family is. We have had so many friends facing down cancer lately many for a repeat visit. I urge everyone to pray this dreadful disease will be defeated soon. No one seems immune, regardless of one lifestyle. So many innocent children suffering such pain. Makes me ashamed to whine about anything in my life.
Stephen King and I have survived our empty nest for once again. Life goes on; Courtney arrived safe and sound in Oz and loves it already. She has called urging us to plan a summer trip downunder. He's ready to go, I will need more time to consider being that long in the air, over the ocean, no way out. I probably won't be going soon. She has posted some pix on her blog and she and Ken, her host, are going to Caloundra for this week to sightsee & visit family. It is a resort area up the coast from Brisbane. We all grew up on tales of Brisbane and the surrounding country from our cousin Edna, a war bride. She always made her homeland sound like paradise. That and her fascinating accent made all of us girls want to go to Oz. Ken is Edna's nephew and has visited Orange County many times over the years. He and Courtney have always been friends. So she will not be on her own too much. Makes me feel better about the whole trip.
Connie and I are taking off on Friday and driving to Greenville AL. for the night. The others will come down after school and get there late into the night, I've found that is too tiring for me. I have to sleep all day Sunday unless I get rest on Friday night. Vacation days are too precious to spend asleep. Connie has a convertible and the last couple of trips we have started out Saturday morning with the top down, now that is a vacation starter for sure. When you girls get older and your kiddos are grown, I hope you take vacations with friends. Although the friends going with me are young, 2 in their twenties, 2 in their thirties and Connie who is 10 years younger than me...enough said. I'm so blessed to have all you young people in my life. I do enjoy being part of yours.
Janelle, I want to see the girls in those hats, I do hope they get to wear them before it gets too warm. I'm having Veronica make one for a May newborn in a light weight yarn. I think they are so precious. Much better than those strange headbands. Stephen King would not allow our grand daughters to wear those things. He used to take them off of Mackenzie and hide them from Shawn. They weren't around for our kids, much like Pampers and baby wipes and onesies. I still prefer cloth diapers on babies, but the plastic coverups were terrible. I saw some new versions on a natural clothing website, they looked soft and comfy. Would you like some for Olivia? Or Annie? Don't want to wash diapers? I cannot blame you, there is nothing fun in that except hanging them on the clothes line and watching them blow in the sunshine. I used to love that. But I used to make our bread and crackers, too. Maybe I was alittle odd?
Has spring come to the North? I saw a big rain had done some flooding up there. We have dodged storms lately, damaging winds north and south of us last week. It will be interesing to see if the Valley can avoid major flooding this spring. Hey, the WaterPark has opened, lots of traffic on Friday, I haven't been in town since, but they were booked for the weekend and expect a strong spring break. I hope it is successful. The economy is hard on this area, all industry is struggling, if not closed. The casino seems to be doing OK, but the resorts are empty alot. The Pete Dye course opens later this spring, it should draw in lots of retired old men and their wives. I wish we had some shopping venues to draw their $$$$$. The hotels have nice shops, but the community has nada. Everyone is afraid to invest in a small business venture here/now. I'd love to open a quilt/book/sandwich shop, but have neither time nor money.
We should plan a get-to-gether this summer, with the lake and waterpark your husbands and kids could have a blast. We could just hang out in the vinery and bars, snacking and drinking, hehehe. Really, I'd love it. No bars, maybe the Vinery for a nice lunch. And a giant cook-out at my house!!!
Your comments on FaceBook entertain me; Staci, have your eyebrows relaxed yet? I could just see what you meant. But in general, I still don't care for FB. Too, too something. And those portfolios, I don't know if it is worth the effort for me or not. I'm so tired of doing the work and getting shafted, but if I would get "credentialed" then I'd need it. Of course, we had so much guidance on the whole portfolio issue, it should be a snap, right, Gaggle?
Do you know any fat old lady who has been successful at losing weight? I need inspiration. Not from young people, from someone like me. Tired, out of shape, gray all over. I intend to start walking on the beach in AL, but that is only a week and I'm sooooo out of shape my walks may be 10 yards at a time. In my next life I want to be an athletic type, not a bookish couch potato, please.
Anna, any job prospects? I liked the WalMart comment, but I think you can do better than that. SteinMart at least. Any counselors retiring in your area? You'll find it, I know. You can always pull something out at the last minute, Girl. Just like a paper or portfolio.
Everyone take good care and have a great week. I'll try to post from way down south next weekend. Love, Lila


Staci said...

So, I have to present at a conference next week on our Mentoring Program...haven't even began preparing my presentation...Cohort flashback!!!

Alison said...

Safe travels everyone! Hope spring break is wonderful and relaxing for all. We are headed to semi-state Saturday in Lafayette. Go ZEBRAS!!!! Really great article about my hubby on the front page of our local paper about his success as a coach through the years. I think you can read it on the webpage at --- if you are interested. :) Hope to spend much of next week in Indy for state finals!!! not counting my chickens or anything, but I think we can get it done. Of course I will be working on my portfolio.... Glad we have two weeks of break.

Jordan's tonsilectomy and adnoid surgery has been postponed until June. He's had the 9 years, what's a few more months. :)

Hope all is well with you. I'm off to the third grade music program. Jordan auditioned for a solo part and got it! He's singing part of a song called "food fight". He's really excited about it.Enjoy the last hours of school, ladies! I'll be thinking of you in warm sunny places.

anna said...

Ummm yeah...I don't have spring break for two more weeks...we are all going to kill each other

Janelle said...

I can't stop laughing at your comment, Anna! So sorry that your break isn't for awhile yet, but we will all be jealous when it is finally here! We're heading out for Sarasota in the morning...I have the girls packed, myself packed, and Brian hasn't packed a thing. He's sitting in his chair right now. Oh well, guess I can drive myself to the beach if I have to!

Just as an FYI...our school corporation cut our elementary counselors this week. Yep, you understood that correctly. No counselors in our elementaries, only me in the jr high and 2 high school. All of the elementaries were in the process of renewing their gold star certification sad.

Ok, off to finish picking up the house before I shut my eyes for a few hours! Hope all is well with everyone. Be careful travelers and Alison, good luck to the zebras (BTW, that is the coolest mascot ever!).

Hedy King said...

Go Zebras, all the way!!! Go Rex!!!We made it to Dauphin Island earlier today. Beautiful weather, nice house, good friends Priceless. Everyone have a good break and be safe. Poor Anna, that was such a pitiful statement and yet we all understand. Our kiddos would not have lived another day if we hadn't be released. And all the strawberries were gone in 2 hours. Now to enjoy the week. love

Kirstie said...

At school, logging some portfoio time. Did somebody say it was Spring Break?

Elaine said...

I'm right there with you Kirstie...and also trying to clean my house or at least rid it of ladybugs for the week anyway. Charlie tells me we will go somewhere next year for break. Don't think that is going to happen though...we were supposed to go somewhere when I finished grad school and that did not happen. Happy Spring Break everyone!

Angela said...

Okay - so I am working on the portfolio - and with this being such high stakes, I hate not having any examples to work from! I have a million questions. Have any of you out there seen any sample portfolios? What does the action plan look like? Is it just a paragraph or is there a specific format? Are you labeling your artifacts? I am a little confused and alot stressed!

Hedy King said...

Now I feel so guilty being here enjoying the sounds of the Gulf while you are suffering in Indiana. And at work and ddoing portfolios. I cannnot stand it.. I just will not check in again until I'm back there with you; freezing and slaving away.
Everyone take care. Hedy