Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Times...They are A Changin'

Good Morning Ladies, strange that I can find the time to blog while sitting at my work desk! Must be retiring soon :-) . I think I'm so covered up with work to finish, I don't know where to start. June 3 is coming soon, sooner than I thought it would. I've been invited to the Board meeting tonight (to be recognized) some of them will need me to wear a name tag! I plan to explain why they need to replace me, as opposed to just absorbing my position, remain calm and walk out with my head high and my dignity in tact. That's my plan; the reality may be a little more messy! My vice principal told me recently he plans to go into the classrooms next year and talk to them about respect. What a concept! Did you other counselors get that? Apparently he will use his "MagicWand" and make it happen. If you get my drift. I love this guy, he's a decent man. a great dad, a good administrator. But if he really thinks talking respect to middle school students is all it takes, God Help Him! Must be the Penis talking.
Alison. you know all our thoughts and prayers will be with you Friday. " A shot and a sheet". Really? Put me to sleep, then cut into my chest, Buddy. Hope this little surgery doesn't mess up your bikini line, Girl. I have something called fibrous dysplasia in my bones, which caused the scare when our boys were babies. Janelle had the extra tissue mass in the winter. Maybe we all just got a little extra. Just our luck, huh? I hope to get up north and see you all this summer. I missed my Baby time with Caleb this spring. Cannot wait to hold him for the first time, Elaine. I may just set up camp in your yard and hold court for a few days. Rocking the baby, baking cookies for the kids, mixing salsa and drinks for the adults. I miss you all.
Stephen King is putting out his garden in between floods. Potatoes and more tomato plants going in today. Rain not supposed to get here till 4:00. We only get 1-2 sunny days a week and have to take advantage when they come. I want to get my planters filled this week, but have to power wash porches first. We are beginning to mold in the Valley, everything has an icky, sticky surface on it. I think I'll do ferns on my front porch this year. What do you think? Last time I had ferns, I had birds' nests in them. It was neat to watch the eggs and hatchlings. All of a sudden, I'm loving birds and their songs. Shore birds and chickens have always been my favorites, but now the area songbirds are making me smile. Wish I could recognize their songs, but I am getting better at idenifying them by sight. Simple pleasures are what keep us going. Don't overlook them while waiting for the big things to happen.
My words are hiding from me right now. I need to hear from you all. Talk to me. Love

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Alison said...

Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers this week! Everything went really well. Won't have the pathology reports back until next week, but the Dr. is really optimistic that it's just a fibroadenoma which is really common. The more people I've talked to I find out a lot of my friends have either had it done, or know someone who has. Just having had it removed is a HUGE relief in itself.

Hedy, I hope your meeting went well. It's so hard to convince those with power to decide in the best interest of the kids when their main job is to look at the bottom line. They just decided to close the elementary school I went to in my hometown. Now both elementaries I attended are closed- the Catholic and public schools. It was a sad day when I heard the news. The town is in uproar, but they only have one school board representative for the township, therefore, little chance to have majority vote. Sigh...

THree more weeks of school for me. The kids have been wound up the last 2. Hope they can hang on through the last days of NWEA and DIBELS benchmark assessments.

Have a great week, everyone. Love you all!!!