Monday, May 2, 2011

What In The World?

Hello Ladies, I seem to have been lost in space recently. Time certainly gets away when we are busy, doesn't it? I'm sorry to have missed you all at Gagglefest, I know it was a great time. My Mom is doing much better the last week or so. She seems more like herself. Our girls are doing well, Maddie is back to normal and Kenz is doing ok on the new meds. School is crazy, flooding keeps us closed or delayed several days this spring. Today is one of them; early dismissal at 10:00 due to 4 inches last night and water flowing downstream. Apparently much faster than anticipated. ISTEP was put off last week, wonder if we can get another extension from the State. And who cares anyway?
I'm still processing the news of Osama Bin Laden being killed. What does this mean to our world? He seems to have already been replaced by other evils. I'm sure the families of the victims of 9/11 are experiencing relief of some kind. I pray for world peace each morning, feeling that between the wild weather and the economy and the world situation, peace is very elusive and much needed in all our lives.
Our Dad passed away 12 years ago yesterday. Hard to believe it has been so long. I still look for him to be sitting on the glider when I pull up their drive. My Dad was a big presence in my life, I always attempted to make him proud because he had accomplished so much in his life. He was a fatherless boy in an age where they were not accepted. Family was the most important thing in Dad's life, he made sure we never doubted how much he loved us and how special each of us were to him. Dad always treated Mom like a precious jewel, telling her how pretty she was, making sure she had anything she might think she needed. In fact, she often says she wished he hadn't always given in to her requests. As in paneling the walls in the 70s! She wallpapered over them in the 90s and regrets both actions. They spoiled each other, as the oldest of 13 children, Mom only knew how to take care of others. She took care of everything in their world; we never lacked for clean clothing, fresh food or a clean home. Dad made the living and Mom took care of everyrhing else. Growing up in that home, in that era was like a fairytale. Most kids today wouldn't recognize that kind of home. It breaks my heart to know that. I wish everyone could experience it. I'm sorry my grand children didn't have the chance to know their Grandad Bob. He loved kids and would have had a time with our wild boys and the sweet girls. I try to keep the good times in my heart and let go of the time that has passed since we lost him. I do miss you, Dad.
I've been attempting to work through all the steps to retirement! Wow, it would be easier to keep working. Everyone must be notified in advance, paperwork falls from the sky, the phone calls from people keeping records are amazing. Who knew you cannot just stop working? You have to follow the yellow brick road to retirement. So far I've talked to Dorothy and the Wicked Witch but haven't heard from the Wizard! There wasn't nearly the hassle when Stephen King retired - the State has its hands in ours lives up the wazoo, Girls. By the time you all retire, educators will be farmed out to someone else. Like everything else in Indiana.
I have mixed emotions about retiring. Love my job, love my kids, love my staff. I worry about what will happen when I am not there. I know that's ridiculous, the school will go on just like it always has. It isn't that, it's just I know the needs and expectations. I can be replaced and hope to be, but what if I'm not? These kids need an adult to make contact with them everyday, say their name, notice them, smile and laugh with them, hold them accountable for their behavior, love them. An empty office cannot do that. On the other hand, I look forward to spending long days with my Mom, my sister, my husband, my kids. I want to finish things; my quilt tops, my house, maybe write some. I want to see new places with Stephen King, revisit places with my grandkids. Talk about old times with Mom.
Our oldest grandson begins a new time in his life soon. He will be gone from us for a long while. He is paying for his bad decisions in a way we cannot imagine. He seems to have accepted this and looks forward to gaining what he can from this time. I pray he returns to us a new version of the boy we love. He will be in my heart and prayers each day. He deserves a chance at life.
The girls and I have chosen our summer escape and will wait till July to go this year. The kiddos are excited about Fourth of July fireworks on the beach. All the little towns on the Cape have celebrations so we should see a nice display. Hopefully from our deck! But we may have to drive to town. We love Cape San Blas. It is so quiet and non-commercial. You feel like you are at home in the small towns. There are no highrises, no tourist traps, plenty of good restaurants, neat shops and beautiful beaches. Sssshhhhush, don't tell anyone about this paradise.
So many changes in the Gaggle; Kendra is walking aready, Janelle and Alison have had their health scares, Caleb has been born and I'm sure someone else is planning a baby. I hope to see and hear from each of you soon. I miss you all. Talk to me. Love


Hedy King said...

I guess everyone can guess, we want to start our travels in OZ. We started our Passport applications. Now we need to find the money!

Alison said...

Happy Mother's day, Ladies! I thank you all for your prayers lately. Just FYI, surgery slated for Friday morning. Should be quick and easy according to the surgeon. I'm just glad I get to be asleep! There was a time they mentioned just a local and a sheet... THAT is NOT an option for me!!! :)

Otherwise, all is well. Baseball is rolling, fields are starting to get planted (thank Goodness!), though my garden is more suitable for growing rice than anything else right now! Another inch of rain last night. I shouldn't complain, I know how hard you all in the southern part of the state have been hit lately. This spring has been so unreal with all of it's turbulent weather across the country.

Love you all and take care. Thank you all again for the prayers. XOXO, Al